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Jack Simpson: It's time to address our extreme weather

Pick up your morning newspaper. Tune in to your favorite television news station. Chances are that among major stories about the economy, jobs, and the Presidential campaign will be information about tornadoes, forest fires, floods and drought.

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Jack Simpson: What motivates candidates to run for president?

Which presidential candidate has the magic touch?

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JACK SIMPSON: Sometimes a good deed draws the wrong kind of attention

The old timers have a ravine with a stream in their back yard. A place like this attracts critters of all kinds, including birds, squirrels, raccoons and deer. So the animals come for cover, food and water and the couple has taken to adding to the food supply with apples and corn.

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JACK SIMPSON: Take the appropriate steps to prevent home burglaries

Take the appropriate steps to prevent home burglaries.

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JACK SIMPSON: Which candidate will rouse the GOP -- and earn your vote?

Is the GOP's slate of candidates strong enough?

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JACK SIMPSON: Movie gets Hoover wrong

J. Edgar Hoover's private life should not be the subject of rumor and gossip.

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Jack Simpson: Burglars are pests that should be controlled

Those who prey on others will eventually get their day of reckoning.

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SIMPSON: The battle is on to keep stink bugs at bay

The battle is on to keep stink bugs at bay.

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SIMPSON: Oh, my aching back

I'm now among the 80 percent of Americans with an aching back.

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SIMPSON: The 'Occupy' movement needs definition

The 'occupy' movement has generated discussion of our problems.

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SIMPSON: Coffee or tea?

Coffee or tea? The debate continues.....

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SIMPSON: Hunting is serious business

No doubt about it. Country boys take hunting seriously.

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SIMPSON: Signing one's name a problem for the computer-savvy

Cursive handwriting is becoming a lost art.

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SIMPSON: Goodbye, Andy Rooney

The retiring Andy Rooney will be missed by those who enjoyed his wit and wisdom.

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SIMPSON: Don't be part of the littering problem

A fellow came home from work the other day to find the front of his property covered with litter. Among the cigarette butts, bottles, plastic containers and discarded fast-food bags was a dead dog wrapped in black plastic.


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