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Mark Shields: It's OK to smile -- even in Washington

Washington and American political life are suffering from an acute humor deficit.

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Shields: Washington and the von Moltke Grid

We who live in Washington are admittedly a little defensive about this city we call home.

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Mark Shields: Advice on graduation day

The graduation speaker's duty is to provide some rules or advice for the graduates.

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Mark Shields: A story too good to check out

Some stories are just too good to check out.

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Mark Shields: One man who gave politics a good name

Happy Chandler left the U.S. Senate in 1945, when the owners of the then-16 Major League teams elected him to be commissioner of baseball.

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Mark Shields: A maligned generation

This past Monday night, along with 680 other lucky people in Washington’s historic Ford’s Theatre, I was able to enjoy the wit and wisdom of America’s dominant political satirist, Mark Russell.

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Mark Shields: President not a fan of Washington

President Obama spends a lot of time knocking his adopted hometown of Washington.

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Mark Shields: The GOP's lost youth

Who the president is when we first come of voting age strongly influences our future voting allegiances.

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Mark Shields: Strangers to self-importance

Memorable leaders don't take themselves too seriously.

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Mark Shields: Yes, I'm a 'college' dropout

The Founding Fathers were not, it turns out, infallible. The Electoral College is absolutely anti-democratic.

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Mark Shields: Campaign 2012 deficits -- humility and humor

After watching the first two 2012 presidential debates, I only wish that President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney could have personally observed New York City's 1969 election.

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MARK SHIELDS: GOP should steer clear of Gingrich nomination

“No man is good enough to be president,” wisely observed Abraham Lincoln, one of the nation’s greatest, “but someone has to be.”


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