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County, cities to decide on excise tax

County and municipal governments have to decide whether to levy an excise tax to replace lost revenues resulting from a sales tax exemption on energy use by manufacturers.

Council approves railroad moratorium

The Covington City Council has approved a moratorium on issuing permits for work along railroad rights of way.

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Dickerson wins second term

State Rep. Pam Dickerson won a second term in office in Tuesday's runoff.

County turns over last NSP houses to Habitat

Habitat for Humanity will take responsibility for the last leg of the county's NSP program.

City approves garbage rate hike

The Covington City Council approved the final reading of an ordinance to raise sanitation fees.

Covington Council begins city manager selection process

The Covington City Council has begun discussions about selecting a new city manager.

Top 113th House seat contenders will have runoff

Dickerson, Sawyer face runoff for 113th House seat.

Runoff to be held in District 5 BOC race

There will be a runoff in the District 5 BOC race between Ronnie Dimsdale and Levie Maddox.

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Jordan beats Morgan in Dem primary for BOC chair

Political newcomer Marcus Jordan scored an upset win over Kathy Morgan in the chairman's race Tuesday night.

Turner wins reelection to fifth term on Newton BOE

Almond Turner beats out Frankliin Perry to retain his seat on Newton County Board of Education.

General Primary takes place Tuesday

A 30 percent turnout is predicted in today's General Primary.

City rejects probation bids

The City Council opted to reject bids received for a new probation services company and instead renewed the current provider's contract.

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Georgia open government bill gets early vote

Agencies that illegally withhold records from the public would face more expensive fines under a rewrite of Georgia’s open government law that won initial approval Monday from a House subcommittee.

Ga. Democrats regrouping amid dwindling funds

Georgia's Democratic Party Chairman has acknowledged the party was recently down to about a month's worth of operating expenses but has made adjustments that will keep the party in business through the spring.

More than 72,000 vote early in Georgia primary

More than 72,000 people have cast early ballots in Georgia's presidential primary. Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office said Monday that includes nearly 55,000 people who cast an early vote in person and around 17,500 who mailed in an absentee ballot.