Letters to the Editor


Letter: Do your part for cleaner air

On Monday, April 29, we will kick off Air Quality Awareness Week with Gov. Nathan Deal to educate Georgians about the health effects of air pollution. It is a time to consider the meaningful actions we all can take to improve outdoor air quality

Letter: Weigh interests of children in selecting superintendent

Weigh interests of children in selecting superintendent. This letter is addressed to members of the Newton County Board of Education. I do not envy you at this time. You carry the weight of all the children of Newton County schools on your shoulders -- and that should be a very

Letter: The problem with CRCTs

Teaching to the test is exactly what you want -- provided what is taught is comprehensive and essential and the test is designed to reveal what the student knows and can do. The problem with high-stakes, end-of-year standardized tests is that they do

Letter: Too many questions left about SPLOST

Eastside High School is only 18 years old. The ESPLOST referendum for March 19 calls for replacing the best-performing high school in Newton County. Regardless of what you have been told, if this SPLOST passes it is in the plan to be replaced

Letter: Prayers, support appreciated

We wish to thank all of our friends and acquaintances for their prayers and words of encouragement during Merry Carol's illness.

Letter: Emergency assistance greatly appreciated

Thanks to the emergency personnel in Rockdale County.

Letter: Thanks to two local heroes

Every child needs heroes. My son had two -- Sheriff Guy Norman and Judge Sidney Nation.. Many years ago my son, who had ADHD and was later diagnosed with autism, started getting into minor troubles. One of the times he got into trouble, the therapist

Letter: Aten's advertising misleading

Candidate Phinia Aten's signs are misleading.

Letter: Honor, honesty and integrity lacking in Washington

Where can we find honor, honesty and integrity in Washington?

Letter: Scrawls cartoon takes unfair aim

Today's so-called "cartoon" (Aug. 8, 2012) by the phantom who calls himself "Scrawls" is one of the most egregious and disgusting you have ever allowed to come to print in your publication.

Letter: Our gun problem goes well beyond Columbine, Aurora

Our gun problem isn't tied to the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution.

Letter: Congrats to judge

All Georgia lawyers and judges should appreciate Judge Johnson's continued commitment to public service.

Letter: Vote for experience on SSEMC board

SSEMC's power supply is dependable now and into the future, and our co-op's conservation efforts are a model for other co-operatives.

Letter: Claims about SSEMC board members simply untrue

On July 11 I received a phone call with a prerecorded message making untrue statements about the current directors of Snapping Shoals EMC, and about cost increases of $200 per year for Snapping Shoals member-owners.

Letter: Strauss will answer only to voters of District 1

John Strauss has a real love for Districtr 1 and a genuine desire to serve the people of the district without regard for any further political aspirations or agendas.