Letters to the Editor


Letter: Congrats to judge

All Georgia lawyers and judges should appreciate Judge Johnson's continued commitment to public service.

Letter: Vote for experience on SSEMC board

SSEMC's power supply is dependable now and into the future, and our co-op's conservation efforts are a model for other co-operatives.

Letter: Claims about SSEMC board members simply untrue

On July 11 I received a phone call with a prerecorded message making untrue statements about the current directors of Snapping Shoals EMC, and about cost increases of $200 per year for Snapping Shoals member-owners.

Letter: Strauss will answer only to voters of District 1

John Strauss has a real love for Districtr 1 and a genuine desire to serve the people of the district without regard for any further political aspirations or agendas.

Letter: Vote for improved transportation

The genie is out of the bottle, T-SPLOST is challenged again and Rockdale County becomes unhinged.

Letter: Vote to keep current co-op members

Snapping Shoals has a long history of good management.

Letter: Quit wrecking historical landmarks for financial interests of the few

News of the destruction of the historic Hub Junction Bus Stop came to me over the weekend like an arrow through the heart.

Letter: Thanks to retiring judge

I would like to sincerely, personally and publicly thank Judge Sidney Nation.

Letter: Douglas will preserve quality of life in District 1

John Douglas welcomes Baxter to our community. However, he also supports the comprehensive land use plan that provides for a rural and semi-rural lifestyle in District 1.

Letter: Sales tax should go to rapid rail

I would strongly recommend no new funds for the GDOT unless it all goes to rapid rail.

Letter: Development should look to the long term

Development should make a community better for the long term, not just address short-term murmurings using textbook answers.

Letter: We gain more than we lose from T-SPLOST

There is more to gain than there is to lose from TSPLOST.

Letter: Writer's thoughts right on target

I am now a fan of John Bowers.

Letter: We are obligated to be informed voters

Voters need to educate themselves on candidates and issues.

Letter: Grateful for veterans and their stories

Veterans series is much appreciated.