Letters to the Editor


Letter: Keeping passport fees may be legal, but it's not right

A public official keeping fees paid by the taxpayer to a government-funded office is certainly not in the best interest of the public.

LETTER: U.S. on path to destruction

How can any reasonably intelligent person fail to see that gas prices have a devastating effect on our economy, as well as on our daily lives in the form of rising prices on just about everything?

LETTER: Maybe clerk should pay county for rent, utilities

Only in government can an employee skim off the top.

Letter: Objective review needed

The March 27 Board of Commissioners meeting exposed a situation that demands a close objective review by Rockdale County residents.

Letter: Poor government ethics may have hurt a worthy charity

Handling of passport fees, Clothes Closet has been shameful.

Letter: How is this stormwater fee — or tax — even calculated?

How is the stormwater 'fee/tax' calculated?

Letter: People need to open minds to comprehend what's happening to nation

Many see only a small percent of what is going on in Washington, and this is keeping the disaster we are headed toward hidden from them.

Letter: Mosely a good teacher — and innocent until proven guilty

Mr. Mosley is innocent until proven guilty.

LETTER: Community owes Clothes Closet's Judy Smith debt of gratitude

The community owes Judy Smith a debt of gratitude.

LETTER: County should reconsider closing Clothes Closet

County should reconsider plan to close Clothes Closet locationo.

LETTER: Find new home for Clothes Closet

A new location must be found for the Clothes Closet.

LETTER: Bisher seemed at home with all of the sports world

Furman Bisher was at home with all sports and made us feel as if we belonged right beside him.

LETTER: Parents are 'third rail' of education

Parents are the 'third rail' of education.

LETTER: Sen. Ron Ramsey 'uncomfortable' in making decision

Sen. Ron Ramsey should act in the interests of Rockdale voters.

LETTER: Our young veterans' character, discipline represent America's hope for the future

There's hope for our country in those who were trained in the military.