Letters to the Editor


Letter: Writer's thoughts right on target

I am now a fan of John Bowers.

Letter: We are obligated to be informed voters

Voters need to educate themselves on candidates and issues.

Letter: Grateful for veterans and their stories

Veterans series is much appreciated.

Letter: Pat-downs violated students' rights

While I certainly understand the desire to avoid disruption during graduation ceremonies, the simple instructions of what was off limits should have been sufficient.

Letter: Free speech must be defended

It is my hope that free speech and freedom of the press rule against attacks meant to direct attention away from serious problems in a high school.

Letter: Our freedom of speech trumps all

Preserve our freedoms in the Constitution.

Letter: Free speech isn't problem; culture of intimidation is

Attack on free speech should be dismissed.

Letter: Booster funds should not be used to pay subs

Band Booster funds should not be used to pay for substitute teachers.

Letter: FaithWorks reaches milestone of service

As of the end of March, FaithWorks has served more than 15,000 individuals in Newton County.

Letter: Industry deal might not be as good as thought

With all the fanfare about the four-county industrial park landing a new industry, no one thought our negotiators would be dealing without a full deck.

Letter: Vaughn was a can-do man

Some people just know how to get things done.

Letter: Keeping passport fees may be legal, but it's not right

A public official keeping fees paid by the taxpayer to a government-funded office is certainly not in the best interest of the public.

LETTER: U.S. on path to destruction

How can any reasonably intelligent person fail to see that gas prices have a devastating effect on our economy, as well as on our daily lives in the form of rising prices on just about everything?

LETTER: Maybe clerk should pay county for rent, utilities

Only in government can an employee skim off the top.

Letter: Objective review needed

The March 27 Board of Commissioners meeting exposed a situation that demands a close objective review by Rockdale County residents.