ROB JENKINS: Semi-coherent ramblings of the perpetually snowed-bound

If this column seems a bit iffy, feel free to blame it on my lack of exercise.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Winter Olympics and a legacy of great performances

The Winter Olympics have come a long way since Squaw Valley, y’all.

JACK SIMPSON: Surviving the storm with a mild case of cabin fever

I was trapped inside for the better part of last week as a treacherous snow and ice storm coated roads, froze on trees, power lines and my driveway!

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THOMAS: Michele Bachmann says she’s undeterred and undiminished

Michele Bachmann remains confident and resolute despite many political setbacks. We met in her office while much of Congress was fleeing the Capitol Building ahead of a major storm that eventually dumped a foot of snow on Washington. The snow was a big deal to residents of the nation’s capital, but little more than flurries to a Minnesotan like Bachmann.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Storm brings memories of Atlanta's real 'weatherman'

If you aren’t from around here, Guy Sharpe was an Atlanta “weatherman” back in the day. He was not a meteorologist, in any way, shape or form. He was just a TV weatherman, back when they stood in front of a national map covered with markings for various fronts and low-pressure systems.

JACK SIMPSON: Loyal public servant laid to rest

I was shooting the breeze with Corporal Charles Cook in the Newton County Sheriff’s office when he told me the story about Sasha, a certified narcotics detector and K-9 police officer with the Warwick Police Department.

ROBINSON: The out-of-step GOP

The GOP’s failure to come to terms with immigration reform has two big implications.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Legend in women's basketball will be missed

Legend in women’s basketball leaves giant legacy

JEFF MEADORS: Move On When Ready provides best of both worlds

For public school students in grades 11 and 12 choice has come and it has a name, House Bill 149.

DOUG HOLT: House gets to work on 12 bills

Last week in the House the focus on committee work continued. A few more items made it to the floor for consideration, and we voted on 12 bills and resolutions. All concerned fairly minor topics, with a couple of those being of some interest.

THOMAS: A deficit of trust

The inability by a major party to trust a president is more than lamentable; it is not good for the country and our standing before other nations and groups that wish to do us harm.

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KRAUTHAMMER: The health care myths we live by

This is not to indict, but simply to advocate for caution grounded in humility. It’s not surprising that myths about the workings of the fabulously complex U.S. health care system continue to tantalize — and confound — policymakers.

JACK SIMPSON: Trite but true — mother still knows best

I count myself among people who once smoked and who had refused to heed my mother’s warnings not to do so. Why is it kids think they know it all and harm cannot come to them from a bad habit?

DARRELL HUCKABY: A new recruit to National Signing Day hoopla

Believe it or not, but I’ve never been one to get all wrapped up in the college football recruiting wars, at least not since Lewis Grizzard reported that Herschel Walker was going to forgo college football and take a job at Clyde’s Filling Station in Wrightsville.

ROBINSON: We’re losing the war on drugs

Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman is yet another victim of the war on drugs. Prohibition is not working. It is time to try something new.