DARRELL HUCKABY: Sometimes change brings us full circle

I suppose I am among the majority of Americans, and people in general, who don’t particularly like change. Not only do I not embrace it, I have been known to run away and climb a tree to get away from it.

ROB JENKINS: Going to college still worth it, if you play it smart

The age-old notion that college is the doorway to a high-paying career has been taking it on the chin lately, as more and more young people ask, “Is it worth it?”

DARRELL HUCKABY: Grizzard spoke for the South in a way no one else could

We buried Lewis Grizzard 20 years ago. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? That it has been that long?

ROBINSON: Into the Twilight Zone

Let me go out on a limb: The Malaysian airliner did not get sucked into a black hole, vanish over the Indian Ocean equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle or crash-land on the spooky island from “Lost.”

DARRELL HUCKABY: Pilgrimage provides a lifetime of stories

I could write continuously for the next four weeks — not even stopping for meals — and not tell the entire story of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

JEFF MEADORS: Area school systems prepping students for STEM careers

Local school systems are committed to workforce development, but can they improve current educational practice by coming together, crossing county lines, exploring transfer of FTE, seeking approval of creative collaboration on allotments, pooling resources (including human ones), and crafting intergovernmental agreements to build an eastern region of massive intellectual capital in the STEM areas, ensuring not only student success but jobs for the future?

DOUG HOLT: Flint River basin bill draws scrutiny in House

Last week was the next to last for this year’s legislative session. In the House, we saw a relatively even division of our time between committee work and floor consideration of Senate bills

THOMAS: Missing: A foreign policy

American foreign policy in 2014 hasn’t been born, because under this administration it does not even appear to have yet been conceived.

JACK SIMPSON: Falling victim to 'sitting disease'

There’s no question about it. This long, cold, miserable winter gave me a “sitting disease.”

DARRELL HUCKABY: The special rites of March

March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. I’m not sure if it realizes that, but one thing is for sure — you never know what might happen once that month arrives.

JEFF MEADORS: Time to stop linking teacher performance to test scores

The Georgia Department of Education has stopped using the terminology “Common Core” in-house. I have that on good authority.

DOUG HOLT: House debate focuses on ACA, medical marijuana

The Georgia General Assembly began last week at a fast pace, since Monday was what we call crossover day. Crossover day is the 30th day of our 40-day annual legislative session.

THOMAS: Helping minority children key for conservatives

If conservatives really want to attract more minority voters they will help their kids. It’s positive, it’s optimistic, and it will work.

ROBINSON: The American story of slavery

Scholars digging through public, commercial and family archives are unearthing facts and stories that have long been swept under the rug. Hollywood’s recognition of “12 Years a Slave” announces an uncomfortable truth: Slavery’s story is America’s story.

JACK SIMPSON: Will military cuts leave us too weak to respond when called?

I’m glad to be just an observer and not Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. He has to be concerned with the nation’s financial stress and he has to slash budgets to keep us in line.