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Darrell Huckaby: Advice for a long and happy life together

For almost 28 years now I have prayed that Jamie Leigh Huckaby would grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded and happy. Those prayers have been answered many times over.

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THOMAS: The enduring legacy of Anne Frank

On the day I visit the Anne Frank House, which is actually the family’s hiding place atop Anne’s father’s business, the wait to get in is as long as three hours. Such is the attraction of this historic site, 53 years after it was opened to the public.

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Jeff Meadors: Fiscal conservatism can be a lonely endeavor

It matters little who dislikes me along my solitary walk with defeat in opposition to waste and abuse. No one will love any of us when the money’s gone.

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THOMAS: Democrats played the race ‘deck’ in midterm elections

It has always mystified me why so many African-American voters remain loyal to the Democratic Party when that party — and especially the first black president — has done nothing to improve the circumstances of the poor among them.

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EUGENE ROBINSON: What would Republicans do?

OPINION: This year's campaign has been dull and disheartening

No matter how well Republicans do at the polls Tuesday — and my hunch is they won’t do as well as they hope — the GOP won’t be able to claim any kind of mandate. That’s because they have refused to articulate any vision for governing.

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JACK SIMPSON: The 45th Thunderbirds

One of my coworkers is a member of the Osage Indian Tribe and many of his relatives live in Oklahoma. He heard I was making a speech about World War II and my association with the 45th Infantry Division.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Have shoes, will travel

Who knew that a guy would have to pack more shoes to go on a trip than drawers. Well, not really — but it was close.

LETTER: Van Ness a dedicated public servant

The citizens of Rockdale County do not need a new and inexperienced person in the Post 2 chair when we already have JaNice sitting there.

THOMAS: Help for Middle East Christians

Members of ISIS have targeted Christian churches, destroyed symbols of Christian faith and killed Christians because of their beliefs, but from American Christians we hear very little. Even President Obama, a self-described Christian, rarely speaks about the persecuted.

KRAUTHAMMER: Barack Obama, bewildered bystander

With events in the saddle and a sense of disorder growing — the summer border crisis, Ferguson, the rise of the Islamic State, Ebola — the nation expects from the White House not miracles but competence. At a minimum, mere presence. An observer presidency with its bewildered-bystander pose only adds to the unease.

LETTER: Misstep on Bear Creek could be costly

The Bear Creek Reservoir is the largest financial investment facing Newton County today. It is a bigger issue than the 2050 Plan and whether or not we have an illegal form of county government.

ROBINSON: Stepping into the morass?

This is not a call for deeper U.S. involvement in Iraq and Syria. But if degrade-and-destroy is really the goal, I don’t see how deeper involvement will be avoided.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Memories take flight during air travel

I am writing this column from 35,000 feet. When I was growing up in Porterdale I allowed myself to dream that one day I might write something that another person would want to read in a newspaper, but I never believed I would do it from 6 miles above the earth’s surface on a machine that could connect to a satellite and allow me to begin writing the column upon takeoff and file it before I touched down.

JACK SIMPSON: Boots on the ground

As an old World War II Infantry soldier it has been my experience that once the enemy seized and held territory, we could bomb, shell and fire small arms into the area all we wished. And, when quiet returned, the enemy crawled out of their holes and continued to be in command of territory they held. It took our boots on the ground, and sometimes fighting house-to-house, room-to-room, with rifles, bayonets, and hand grenades to win the battle.

THOMAS: Houston pastors fight censorship challenge

For a government official to try to intimidate or censor speech from the pulpit, or any other form of communication, is clearly unconstitutional and this effort by Houston’s mayor should not survive a single court challenge.

KRAUTHAMMER: Ebola vs. civil liberties

Unnervingly, the U.S. public health services remain steps behind the Ebola virus. Contact tracing is what we do, Centers for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden assured the nation. It will stop the epidemic “in its tracks.” And yet nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, who developed Ebola, were not even among the 48 contacts that the CDC was initially following.

DARRELL HUCKABY: No Longer Bound regenerates men's lives

As I learned Thursday night, No Longer Bound is not a drug rehab facility. If you rehabilitate someone you simply return them to their original state. No Longer Bound is about rescuing addicts and helping them escape the enslavement of addiction.

JACK SIMPSON: Be wary of uninvited guests of the stinging variety

Having an allergy to the sting of wasps, which include yellow jackets, I am constantly reminded to be careful around these winged critters.