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Darrell Huckaby: Advice for a long and happy life together

For almost 28 years now I have prayed that Jamie Leigh Huckaby would grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded and happy. Those prayers have been answered many times over.

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THOMAS: The enduring legacy of Anne Frank

On the day I visit the Anne Frank House, which is actually the family’s hiding place atop Anne’s father’s business, the wait to get in is as long as three hours. Such is the attraction of this historic site, 53 years after it was opened to the public.

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Jeff Meadors: Fiscal conservatism can be a lonely endeavor

It matters little who dislikes me along my solitary walk with defeat in opposition to waste and abuse. No one will love any of us when the money’s gone.

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DARRELL HUCKABY: We must pray for a nation so many fought to preserve

For the first 62 years of my life I read about the invasion of Europe — an event that seemed like ancient history, although it occurred a scant eight years before I and the rest of the Baby Boomer Class of 1952 were born — give or take a Leo here and a Pisces there.

JACK SIMPSON: Holiday brings Americans together in gratitude

Call it Decoration Day, or Memorial Day, as you wish. On this special occasion everywhere across our nation, and even on foreign battlefields, flowers and flags appeared on the graves of fallen veterans. Graves were visited by families and friends.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Pondering the problems of a disposable world

It is amazing that there are any problems left in the world because my friend Dave and I meet every Wednesday morning to solve them at our local Waffle House.

MARK SHIELDS: Surviving graduation day

It’s graduation time once again. And by some unwritten but strictly enforced law of nature, every graduation must have a speaker.

DARRELL HUCKABY: A little common sense has big impact in Maine

The great state of Maine, which has never been a bastion of conservatism, has decided that people who receive food stamps and otherwise live off the public dole in that state, will henceforth have to actually do something to qualify for a monthly handout.

ROB JENKINS: Where poverty comes from (and how to defeat it)

Perhaps without meaning to, President Obama recently seemed to rebuke…wait for it…Jesus Christ.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Two years later, the adventure continues

This weekend marks an anniversary, of sorts, for my lovely wife Lisa and me. This weekend marks the second anniversary of our initial excursion into the travel industry. It never was a career goal — honest.

JACK SIMPSON: National recognition for Sheriff Ezell Brown

The May/June issue of The National Sheriffs Association Magazine just arrived in my mailbox. From its contents I learned a few things that made me proud to still be in this profession since first I began in the 1950s.

DARRELL HUCKABY: The world is changing — for good or ill

The South I live in doesn’t resemble the South I was raised in, and I don’t need an article in the big city newspaper to point that out to me.

MARK SHIELDS: Chris Christie channels Ralph Perk

History, just by what it selects to remember, can indeed be cruel. Consider, for example, Republican Ralph Perk, who, during the 1970s in heavily Democratic Cleveland, was elected mayor three times.

ROB JENKINS: Which type of parent are you?

We all know some parents are too strict and others too lenient. But according to research conducted by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, it’s not quite that simple. Parenting styles can actually be placed on a continuum, with four main types.

DARRELL HUCKABY: A baseball legend turns 90

While I wasn’t playing real close attention Yogi Berra turned 90 last week. Where did my childhood go?

JACK SIMPSON: Say hello to good news about coffee

My wife is a person who loves a good cup of coffee with breakfast. Sometimes she gets frustrated when going to her favorite grocery store only to find her favorite coffee is not on the shelf. She is among those folks who agree that breakfast without a good cup of “Joe” just is not breakfast.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Honor those who have served our nation

I never like it when news commentators — or man-on-the-street witnesses — describe accident scenes or natural disasters as “looking like a war zone” unless they have, in fact, been in a war zone. I haven’t.

LETTER: 'Strong chair' or 'strong arm'?

The “strong chair” option favored by the citizens committee working on the form of county government can more accurately be described as “strong-arm.”