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Darrell Huckaby: Advice for a long and happy life together

For almost 28 years now I have prayed that Jamie Leigh Huckaby would grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded and happy. Those prayers have been answered many times over.

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THOMAS: The enduring legacy of Anne Frank

On the day I visit the Anne Frank House, which is actually the family’s hiding place atop Anne’s father’s business, the wait to get in is as long as three hours. Such is the attraction of this historic site, 53 years after it was opened to the public.

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Jeff Meadors: Fiscal conservatism can be a lonely endeavor

It matters little who dislikes me along my solitary walk with defeat in opposition to waste and abuse. No one will love any of us when the money’s gone.

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THOMAS: Obama, the arrogrant president

President Obama acts as if elections other than his own don’t matter. His attitude seems to be, “I have the power and the rest of government be damned.”

DARRELL HUCKABY: Some things in life shouldn't be so complicated

When did coffee get so complicated? I think it started when that topless mermaid out in Seattle started selling the stuff in cups with French sizing, but I’m not sure.

LETTER: Land owners' objections should be heard

It is good that The Center for Community Preservation and Planning will hold educational meetings about the 2050 plan around the county. Despite its years in development, it remains an enigma to most people.

JACK SIMPSON: The skinny on another 'health' food

My friend Frank and I worked together for years at the Newton County Judicial Center. Our lunch periods frequently fell at the same time, and we got into the habit of having lunch together. After his retirement, we continued meeting for lunch several times a week and we met recently.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Hope for a troubled world begins with each of us

Is the world in as much turmoil as it seems or is it just me paying too much attention to the news — and the things I see around me? That was a rhetorical question. Don’t bother to answer.

JEFF MEADORS: Who really gains from standardized testing?

School system leaders, many reminiscent of drones for the state, foreshadow impending doom and dramatic testing changes going forward.

LETTER: Will you help a hungry child?

As a native of Conyers and a business owner, I have been increasingly concerned over the rise in hunger in our community.

DOUG HOLT: What are legislative gambits?

If you’ve ever played chess, you know that an action taken to gain an advantage is called a gambit. Gambits exist in other fields of endeavor, many of which are not games, to include legislating.

THOMAS: The difference between Republicans and Democrats

Republicans should promise that if voters allow them to regain control of all three branches of government, an outside auditor will be named to go through the federal government, recommending to Congress which agencies can be reduced in size or even eliminated. Congress would require itself to accept the auditor’s findings, as with the Defense Base Realignment and Closing Commission, which has been charged with increasing the Defense Department’s efficiency by the realignment and closure of unnecessary U.S. military installations.

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KRAUTHAMMER: Abdication has its price

Yes, it is true that there was no al-Qaeda in Iraq when George W. Bush took office. But it is equally true that there was essentially no al-Qaeda in Iraq remaining when Barack Obama took office.

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EUGENE ROBINSON: The joy of the World Cup

The world’s game has taken center stage and had many surprises.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Summers of my childhood a thing of the past

It is officially summer. The calendar and the thermometer are in agreement. But summer doesn’t mean what it used to — not to me and not to children anywhere, at least not so far as can be determined by me.

THOMAS: Iraq is on its own

Withdrawal from this war is a policy of surrender. What we need is a unified approach to fighting Islamic extremism by us and other allied nations. What we need is a policy that works.

KRAUTHAMMER: Revenge served American-style

I suspect what makes revenge so satisfying in both literature and sport is that, while the real thing can turn rather ugly, revenge thusly mediated can be experienced not just vicariously but schematically.

ROBINSON: GOP overdosingon the tea party

The GOP has to decide whether it intends to participate responsibly in the enterprise of government or stand on the sidelines, shouting invective and throwing stones. One of which just hit the majority leader of the House of Representatives in the head.