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Darrell Huckaby: Advice for a long and happy life together

For almost 28 years now I have prayed that Jamie Leigh Huckaby would grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded and happy. Those prayers have been answered many times over.

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THOMAS: The enduring legacy of Anne Frank

On the day I visit the Anne Frank House, which is actually the family’s hiding place atop Anne’s father’s business, the wait to get in is as long as three hours. Such is the attraction of this historic site, 53 years after it was opened to the public.

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Jeff Meadors: Fiscal conservatism can be a lonely endeavor

It matters little who dislikes me along my solitary walk with defeat in opposition to waste and abuse. No one will love any of us when the money’s gone.

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DARRELL HUCKABY: This is as good as it gets

Until I looked into my grandson’s sparkling blue eyes and saw that precious smile spread across his face when he recognized his Papa for the first time, I didn’t know how much joy one human being could bring to another human being.

JACK SIMPSON: Health care workers should honor quarantine rules

Registered Nurse Kaci Hickox made the evening news recently. She volunteered to go to West Africa to render aid to Ebola patients. Upon her return home, she was asked to honor quarantine rules and she felt her rights were being violated because she was not ill.

THOMAS: Calvin Coolidge's philosophy would work well in 2016 election

At a dinner sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation last Thursday, there was a debate about wealth redistribution. A team of Canadian students who think government should “spread the wealth around” faced off against a team of American students who think government has no business doing any such thing.

DARRELL HUCKABY: November reminds me of my romance with basketball

Every year, when mid-November approaches, my heart starts beating to the rhythm of a basketball bouncing on a hardwood floor. A lot of folks raised in Newton County in the ’50s and ’60s probably have similar afflictions, but mine, I suspect, is more severe than most.

KRAUTHAMMER: Republicans need to seize the day, control the agenda

Tuesday’s victory was big. But it did nothing more than level the playing field and give you a shot. Take it.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Wear a poppy proudly on Tuesday

While scrolling through my Facebook wall I ran across this comment from someone that I don’t actually know: “My bank said they would be closed Tuesday. Is it some random holiday or something?”

LETTER: Voters reject Obama's agenda

It took six long years for the electorate to recognize and acknowledge that Obama’s agenda of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” is not in the best interest of the country.

JACK SIMPSON: Looking to the values of the past

As a senior citizen, I find it comforting to think back upon happier times when some idealism was still taught at home and in our schools

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EUGENE ROBINSON: Democrats in need of rebuilding plan

OPINION: I didn't see the wave coming

Tuesday’s returns will be interpreted, reinterpreted and overinterpreted. Might Democrats make too much of this midterm? Yes, but that would be better than making too little of it.

JEFF MEADORS: No distance too far for relevant education

I was an accidental tourist recently in one of the best kept secrets in public education, the new biotechnology labs at Jasper County High School.

THOMAS: Democrats played the race ‘deck’ in midterm elections

It has always mystified me why so many African-American voters remain loyal to the Democratic Party when that party — and especially the first black president — has done nothing to improve the circumstances of the poor among them.

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EUGENE ROBINSON: What would Republicans do?

OPINION: This year's campaign has been dull and disheartening

No matter how well Republicans do at the polls Tuesday — and my hunch is they won’t do as well as they hope — the GOP won’t be able to claim any kind of mandate. That’s because they have refused to articulate any vision for governing.

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JACK SIMPSON: The 45th Thunderbirds

One of my coworkers is a member of the Osage Indian Tribe and many of his relatives live in Oklahoma. He heard I was making a speech about World War II and my association with the 45th Infantry Division.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Have shoes, will travel

Who knew that a guy would have to pack more shoes to go on a trip than drawers. Well, not really — but it was close.

LETTER: Van Ness a dedicated public servant

The citizens of Rockdale County do not need a new and inexperienced person in the Post 2 chair when we already have JaNice sitting there.