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Darrell Huckaby: Advice for a long and happy life together

For almost 28 years now I have prayed that Jamie Leigh Huckaby would grow up to be intelligent, well-rounded and happy. Those prayers have been answered many times over.

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THOMAS: The enduring legacy of Anne Frank

On the day I visit the Anne Frank House, which is actually the family’s hiding place atop Anne’s father’s business, the wait to get in is as long as three hours. Such is the attraction of this historic site, 53 years after it was opened to the public.

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Jeff Meadors: Fiscal conservatism can be a lonely endeavor

It matters little who dislikes me along my solitary walk with defeat in opposition to waste and abuse. No one will love any of us when the money’s gone.

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LETTER: Legion Field is visible sign of good things to come in Covington

Over my life, I have observed the good times and the rough times in Covington, and I’m happy to say that I currently feel great optimism for the community.

LETTER: ‘Disgrace’ to fault patients in hospital’s high infection rates

Consumer Reports recently rated Rockdale Medical Center as one of 12 hospitals nationwide with high patient infection rates in all five types of hospital infections.

DARRELL HUCKABY: South Carolina will emerge from the storm

I hurt so badly for the people of South Carolina, and there, but for the grace of God, we all go — and all of us.

JACK SIMPSON: Memories of a World War II survivor

I wish I could say, “I remember it well.” Not so. The 1940s are a long way ago, but here are some more of my recollections of World War II.

JACK SIMPSON: More memories from an old soldier

At the age of 91, I am lucky to be among the survivors of World War II.

THOMAS: John Boehner: Then and now

The announcement by House Speaker John Boehner that he is retiring at the end of October stunned Washington where life is all about grabbing power and holding on to it, often until death they do part.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Of all the colors, pink may be the most important

I have the greatest grandbaby in the history of grandbabies. He is happy, sweet, smart and he looks just like his Papa. That would be me.

JACK SIMPSON: Some advances may not be progress

Living in today’s world, an old-timer has seen some remarkable changes wrought by technology. I remember when we had no televisions or computers.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Yogi Berra leaves us with a smile

I awaken many mornings to the sound of my phone dinging — usually a text from my son Jackson. This time of year the text is usually about college football. Wednesday morning, however, his text made me sad. It was short and succinct. Two words. “Yogi died.”

ROB JENKINS: Are we coddling our college students to death?

President Obama made news on college campuses earlier this week when he accused students of being “coddled” and “protected from different points of view.”

DARRELL HUCKABY: Be honest — Trump echoes the opinions of many of us

I’m not saying that Trump is my guy, but I am not mystified as to why he is doing so well, not in the least. In fact, it is pretty simple. Americans are sick to death of politicians.

LETTER: Ready to tackle next four years as mayor

Many people are aware that I played football growing up and even played in college. It takes a person with a very competitive spirit to be successful on the football field, and I have carried that fire over to my job as mayor of Covington.

JACK SIMPSON: Is crime really down?

Turn on the television. The news seems to be mostly bad these days. Thousands of refugees to arrive, and we wonder how many of our enemies may be among them.

DARRELL HUCKABY: I'm a tourist, and darn proud of it

When I travel, and I do so a right smart, I always have to visit the iconic landmarks in every town, and I have to sample the local food. That’s just me.

DARRELL HUCKABY: Loss of remarkable friend makes this world a sadder place

I was shocked to learn of the death of Nell-Ann Plunkett.