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RECIPE BOX: Vegetable chowder has a creamy base, great flavor

While hanging out with the in-laws and watching some college football one Saturday afternoon not too long ago, my mother-in-law Janie stirred up a delicious pot of vegetable chowder for all of us to eat.

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RECIPE BOX: Make a French toast Christmas tree for your holiday breakfast

The memories behind this week's featured recipe are just as sweet as the syrup that covers this homemade French toast recipe.. As a child, it used to amaze me how my grandmother would whip loaf bread into golden delicious squares of french toast, lightly sprinkled with powered sugar and drizzled with hot syrup.

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RECIPE BOX: Reindeer Cupcakes

Today, we honor some of Santa's helpers by making this Christmas treat -- reindeer cupcakes.I can't remember where in the world I first saw the recipe for reindeer cupcakes. It may have been online or in a magazine. Either way, the recipe has stayed in my memory long enough for

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RECIPE BOX: Nutter Butter Santas as much fun to make as they are to eat

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and at Kelly Richard’s house, it has begun to smell like Christmas, too.

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RECIPE BOX: Black Forest cake brings back fond childhood memories

We all have a certain dish that makes us smile from the inside out when the holidays appear. Maybe it's the turkey you just ate. Or maybe it is your mom's homemade fudge. For me, it is Black Forest cake.. My grandparents used to make Black Forest cake every holiday

RECIPE BOX: Sweet potato casserole can be a tasty side dish

You can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without turkey. And you certainly can’t have Thanksgiving dinner and turkey without the sweet potato casserole either.

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RECIPE BOX: For a tender, juicy turkey breast, cook it in the Crock-Pot

There is a first time for everything, and this was the year I tried my hand at cooking a turkey -- not a whole turkey, it was a turkey breast. But nonetheless, it was a turkey.

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RECIPE BOX: With holidays approaching, remember caramel Heath dip

The Recipe Box - Caramel heath dip

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RECIPE BOX: Warm up a cool fall night with chicken casserole

You may not think it is quite time to make a chicken casserole, and if so, that is fine. But I'd save this recipe if I were you, and use it at a later date.. A lady who I call my second mom, Patricia Richardson, gave this recipe to me

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RECIPE BOX: Firecrackers heat up any tailgate

The Recipe Box -- Firecrackers

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RECIPE BOX: Transform refried beans into a delicious dip

Refried beans -- most people love them or hate them. They used to not be something I'd even touch. That is, until one day someone showed me how to mix in salsa while heating up the refried beans and it opened my taste buds to refried beans.

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RECIPE BOX: Microwave Vidalia onions for a quick side dish

I've heard all kinds of tips on how not to cry while cutting an onion -- make sure the onion is cold first; cut the onion at a certain angle; wear sunglasses while cutting the onion.

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RECIPE BOX: Pimentos add a nice flavor to mac and cheese

Are you tired of just eating plain old macaroni and cheese? If so, you might want to stir up this cheesy version of mac-n-cheese.

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RECIPE BOX: Veg-All pockets are an easy, delicious dinner

This recipe -- Veg-All pockets -- was created on a whim.