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THE RECIPE BOX: Gluten-free mac-n-cheese doesn't sacrifice taste

You have probably noticed the term "gluten-free" listed on all sorts of products in the grocery store lately. I've even started noticing some restaurants serving gluten-free dishes. Most people assume that if someone is on a gluten-free diet, he has a wheat allergy.. I know several folks

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THE RECIPE BOX: Broccoli chicken Alfredo pasta a simple but grand dish

The Recipe Box -- Broccoli chicken alfredo pasta

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THE RECIPE BOX: Peanut butter frosting a versatile topping

The Recipe Box - Peanut butter frosting

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THE RECIPE BOX: Mexican dip an easy-to-make appetizer

The Recipe Box - Mexican dip

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THE RECIPE BOX: Coffee cake will have you asking for seconds

May I have seconds please?. That was the question I heard when it came to eating Betty Jean Brown's coffee cake.

Coffee cake recipe

Coffee cake. Start to finish: about 1 hour. One box of Duncan Hines yellow cake mix. One box of Jell-O Instant Vanilla Pudding. One box of Jell-O Instant Butterscotch Pudding. Four eggs. 1 cup of oil. 1 cup of water. Mix all of the ingredients together thoroughly.

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RECIPE BOX: Tater Tot casserole is comfort food

This week's featured recipe is Tater Tot casserole, and whoever came up with the original version of this dish sure did make my husband happy.

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RECIPE BOX: Add the ingredients you like best to your shepherd's pie

One of the first meals I cooked for my husband Kevin was shepherd's pie.

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RECIPE BOX: Snickers salad is a sweet conversation starter

Before you completely turn the page or turn your nose up at this week's recipe -- Snickers salad -- just try it first. If you don't like it, you'll never have to eat it again.Sounds a little something like what your mom would say, doesn't it?

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RECIPE BOX: Ambrosia salad is a fast, easy, sweet treat

Ambrosia salad -- it seems to me that this is one of those dishes people either like or they don't. I've not met too many people who are in-between about it.. Some time last year I shared my version of an ambrosia salad and it is my favorite but

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RECIPE BOX: Cheesecake-filled strawberries satisfy a sweet tooth without offering a lot of calories

Just thinking about having a slice of cheesecake makes my mouth water. I’ve always been a huge fan of cheesecake. I’ve tried all kinds of cheesecake — chocolate, turtle cheesecake and I’ve even had a key lime pie cheesecake.

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RECIPE BOX: Red velvet cake perfect for Valentine's Day

I'm not sure what could say Valentine's Day more than a homemade red velvet cake, and today's recipe happens to come from a lady who is just as sweet as her mother's recipe for a made-from-scratch cake.. Conyers resident Betty Jean Brown submitted her recipe via her co

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RECIPE BOX: Serve cream cheese chicken dip at your Super Bowl party

Chicken cream cheese dip is this week's featured recipe. Stacy got the recipe from her friend Gloria, who I hear is quite the cook. Stacy also noted that Gloria and her family have this appetizer on their sailboat so you know the recipe has to be easy and not messy

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RECIPE BOX: Crock-Pot Hawaiian Chicken a sweet, tangy dish

Some of you might get a kick out of this week's column. I know I've laughed about it all week.. I learned a few lessons from cooking this recipe, Crock-Pot Hawaiian chicken.. Here's my No. 1 tip -- Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.. I had seen