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THE RECIPE BOX: Sweeten a picnic with grape salad

Did you know that grapes are made up of about 80 percent water?

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THE RECIPE BOX: Spinach lasagna rolls worth the prep time

Spinach lasagna rolls well worth the prep time. Popeye might have been a fan of eating spinach, but I'm not.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Zesty Italian dressing makes cucumber salad a refreshing dish

Italian dressing makes cucumber salad a refreshing dish. I'm a Southern girl and what Southern gal doesn't love a good piece of fried chicken or some hot homemade biscuits?

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THE RECIPE BOX: Banana smoothie a healthy alternative to ice cream

Two things have been rising lately -- the daily pollen count and the outdoor temperatures. When the warmer weather arrives, there is nothing like having a cool drink for the hot and humid Georgia days.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Sweet potato muffins melt in your mouth

"Delicious," by Mark Ballard, is a collection of recipes from Mark's family and friends, and even some famous people he knows. The cook book contains items such as Nancy Grace's taco soup and Barbara Dooley's koosa, or stuffed squash.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Resurrection rolls perfect to make with children at Easter

If you have read any of my food columns, then you know I love a good story to go along with a good recipe. Well I've hit the jackpot with this week's recipe -- Resurrection rolls, or some may know this recipe as empty tombs.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Swiss steak in the Crock-Pot makes the house smell good

Swiss steak and rice, this week's featured recipe, has become one of my favorite dishes not only to make, but to eat as well.. My mother-in-law Janie Wells introduced this meal to me a while back. She gave my a copy of the recipe and I've not really

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The Recipe Box: For a low calorie dessert, try banana ice cream

My husband, Kevin, stumbled upon a website that has recipes with just two ingredients for each recipe.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Breakfast oatmeal cookies a quick, healthy way to start the day

It is said that oatmeal is really good for you.

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RECIPE BOX: Penne pasta recipe mixes Alfredo, red sauce

Everyone needs several pasta recipes for their recipe box, so here is one more.

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THE RECIPE BOX: This quick, tasty fruit dip recipe is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday

A couple of readers have emailed me and said they tried the meatloaf recipe we ran a couple of weeks ago and they liked it.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Meatloaf can be made to suit your taste

As a child, my grandmother had to force me to eat meatloaf.

THE RECIPE BOX: Don't be shy with the mayonnaise in this onion dip recipe

This week's recipe box is dedicated to a person who has devoted many years to Rockdale County -- Rockdale County Sheriff Jeff Wigington.. The recipe is called onion dip, and a little birdie told me that anytime the local sheriff's association meets or anytime any of the ladies in the

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THE RECIPE BOX: Serve hearty chicken while you're preparing Thanksgiving dishes

I did it, I finally did it. I finally got brave enough to throw a bunch of ingredients into the Crock-Pot to see what happens.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Make these s'mores without the campfire

You might not want to whip up a batch of these s'mores bars this week because of Halloween and all of the candy around the house. But do yourself a favor, and make this s'mores bars recipe during the holidays, which are just around the corner.