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THE RECIPE BOX: Mocktail with berries perfect for spring and summer

Much to my surprise, today’s recipe, mixed berry punch, is the perfect mixture of sweet and tart in a glass, or in a punch bowl, depending on how many people you are serving.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Try these favorite tips and tricks while cooking

Food columinist, Julie Wells, shares her favorite tips and tricks while cooking in the kitchen.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Keep fried avocado recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Avocados are classified as a fruit, and I always thought it was a vegetable.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Easter trifle a sweet, silky dessert for holiday dinner

This Easter Trifle is made up of layers of crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate fudge pudding and topped off with a hollow chocolate bunny, edible Easter grass and Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Bacon-wrapped asparagus a flexible dish for spring

While on quest of a Spring-like recipe, I typed in “Spring recipes” in Google, and wouldn’t you know a million, well not literally but it seemed like it, recipes popped up that had one common green vegetable appearing in them — asparagus.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Sweet mini muffins a time-saver and crowd-pleaser

Today’s seemingly easy recipe is called Joyful mini muffins.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Use chipotle rub on roasted pork loin for savory flavor

Pork loin, especially one roasted in a few chipotle spices, can be just as satisfying cooked in the oven or Slow-Cooker.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Roasted Brussels sprouts an easy, healthy side dish

Brussels sprouts, which by the way as I child I used to call mini-cabbages, have some great health benefits to this leafy green vegetables.

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JULIE WELLS: Open-face chicken and onion sandwiches hit the spot

THE RECIPE BOX: A delicious dish, even on the first try

If you’ll recall a week or so ago we ran a recipe for French onion soup casserole, which called for fresh French bread. Well, I had some of the French bread leftover and I needed to come up with a plan to use it so it wouldn’t go to waste.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Delicious French onion soup casserole a nice change from meat and potatoes

French Onion Soup Casserole, which is today’s featured recipe, caught my attention by its title alone.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Almond butter fudge makes for a chocolatey, sweet Valentine treat

While some of the retail chains are already displaying Easter products and candies, I’m just trying to focus on Valentine’s Day, which, by the way, is like 13 days away.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Super Bowl sausage appetizer perfect mix of sweet and spicy

Most of you probably reference today’s featured recipe as cocktail sausages, but in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl game, we are calling today’s recipe Super Bowl Sausages.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Any way you slice it, this lemon Bundt cake is sure to please your guests

One of my favorite gifts I received this past Christmas was an original Bundt Cake pan.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Skillet cabbage and sausage is hearty and a no fuss kind of meal

Skillet Cabbage and Sausage, that is whats on the recipe card for today.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Broccoli and cheese soup perfect for chilly winter day

When the instructions of a recipe include “melt a stick of butter and slowly stir in the cream cheese” … you know its going to be good. And that is how today’s featured recipe — Broccoli and Cheese soup begins.