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Pray for those displaced by religious conflict

Joe LaGuardia column

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JULIE WELLS: Appreciate God’s goodness on earth and know He awaits us in heaven

Greater things are yet to come. What does that mean you ask? Well it means that this place happens to be our temporary home, and the our eternal home awaits for us. It is also meant as a reminder to not get stuck on where you’ve been or your current situation.

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Community Church of Praise hosts gospel group The Wisecarvers on July 19

Wisecarver family brings gospel to Conyers

Wisecarvers to perform in Stockbridge.

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JULIE WELLS: Jesus commands us to love, not judge, one another

We can remove flags, take away gun rights, pass more laws and share our opinions all day long, but none of that removes the disdain and pure meanness from people’s hearts.


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