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Lithonians look back on life during WWII

Alice Stallings and Ralph Way of Lithonia are both part of The Greatest Generation -- one served by fighting, the other by keeping things going at home.

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WWII veteran Hattendorf recalls airborne adventures

Wilbur Hattendorf and his brother Rich flew and fought and dodged anti-aircraft fire for 50 missions over North Africa during World War II.

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Conyers woman among millions who fought on the homefront

Ruth Jones was one of millions who helped the war effort by keeping the home fires burning during World War II.

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War memories remain vivid for Merryvale group

Five veterans who now live at Covington's Merryvale Assisted Living facility recently recalled their years in the armed services.

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Roy Reid witnessed 'Day of Infamy' up close and personal

Co-pilot Roy Reid was aboard the first American plane believed to have been shot down in World War II.

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Conyers veteran Garrison kept American planes in the air during WWII

Bill Garrison recalls his days in WWII in China, Burma and India, keepiing fighter aircraft in the air.

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Rockdale man recounts life on submarine in WWII

Rockdale County resident Charles Crews fought WWII beneath the Pacific Ocean as a submariner. He and the crew of the USS Spot were depth-charged 4 times, twice by their own country.

Georgia man among 7 killed in helicopter crash

A U.S. Marine from Georgia is among the dead after an aviation training accident that killed seven Marines, and he has ties to Covington.

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Woman's life transformed by service in Marines, Iraq

Rockdale County native Katherine Davis admitted to being a "spoiled brat" growing up, but her life changed after high school when she became a Marine.

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Local vet survives three wars

Most combat veterans live and sleep with the nightmares of only one war, but Bill Edwardy of Conyers copes with the vivid memories of three.

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Rockdale vet recalls tank battles in WWII

Rockdale County resident Freeman Barber described his time serving in a Sherman tank during World War II as being part of a team out of necessity. "Only the tank commander with his head popped up from the top hatch knows what's going on," he said.

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Vietnam Vet deals with battle memories 40 years after guns went silent

Robert Atkinson endured unremitting fighting and psychological trauma, dodged mortar and rocket attacks, and survived hand-to-hand combat against North Vietnamese and Viet Cong human wave attacks. Decades would pass before hypnosis took Atkinson back to Vietnam for proper closure. Before hypnosis he could vividly recall only 24 hours in the war zone.

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Gerald Hipps: 'A story to tell' about Iwo Jima

Jasper County resident Gerald Hipps guarded the Marine flag-raisers on Iwo Jima.

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Jackson flew the "Wampus Cat" B-17 bomber in WWII

Newton County resident Britt Jackson spent 15 months as a prisoner of war in the infamous Stalag 17 during World War II. Known by many Americans as the setting for the hit TV sitcom "Hogan's Heroes," Stalag 17 was certainly not a situation comedy to the airmen imprisoned there.

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Marine Britton fought racism, perceptions during WWII, Korea

Theodore R. Britton Jr. dealt with racial segregation at home but was a brother in the U.S. Marine Corps as World War II wound down. Denied a commission during the Korean War, he led a successful life of learning that culminated in an ambassadorship to Barbados and Grenada.



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