NCSO encourages all to report telephone scams

COVINGTON — One woman in Covington didn’t fall for the tricks of a caller identifying himself as the Newton County lieutenant of the “Warrants Division for Jury Summons.”

With an increase in fraudulent calls being reported in Newton and Rockdale counties, more people are becoming aware of the scam and officers are encouraging everyone who receives a suspicious call to file a report.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Felicia Jefferson said the more reports and information compiled, the better chance of stopping the callers impersonating law enforcement.

“We’re trying to gather all the facts from each incident then compare to see if we can identify this caller,” Jefferson said. “Citizens need to be aware that our office will never call them for a warrant for an arrest and never ask for a payment over the phone.”

According to the incident report, the victim was told that her husband had failed to appear for jury duty and she needed to go buy a pre-paid bank card. Once she bought the card, she needed to call a number or else there would be a warrant for his arrest.

The woman suspected it was a scam and called NCSO to file a report.