Report: DUI suspect 'too drunk' for sobriety tests

COVINGTON — A fight with his girlfriend led to the arrest of a Covington man on DUI and other charges.

Covington Police Officer Kevin Fuller responded to a call around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday from a passerby who said a Toyota Camry had rear-ended another vehicle on Washington Street. However, when officers arrived no one was around the cars.

Fuller examined the scene and found that a chain-reaction accident had involved three vehicles. Officers searched the vehicles to find a driver’s information, but also found a firearm in the Toyota Camry.

While conducting the vehicle search, officers observed a male staggering in the middle of Washington Street.

Officers asked the man, Andre Codner, 29, of Covington, why he was in the middle of the street. Codner reportedly responded by saying he had done something “really bad and caused an accident.” He said got in an argument with his girlfriend when he started drinking and decided to leave his house, according to the incident report.

The officers then began administering a variety of sobriety tests which Codner attempted, but then said, “I”m too drunk to do it,” according to the incident report.

He also reportedly admitted he had previously been arrested for forgery, which officers verified through a background check.

Codner was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, driving with a suspended license and failure to report an accident.