Several Newton Co. residents report stolen guns

COVINGTON — Several Newton County residents have recently reported their guns have been stolen.

For instance, a homeowner on Flat Rock Road in Oxford contacted the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday to report that his home had been burglarized. The victim told deputies that he left his residence around 11 a.m. When he returned around 8:30 that night, he discovered that someone had broken into his home and taken three weapons, the incident report states.

On Thursday, Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to two different reports of stolen guns. One resident contacted deputies about a gun reportedly stolen from her son’s truck. Another man reported his handgun was stolen from his Bryant Road residence.

The day before, a deputy was called to a home on Sara Drive when a man reported someone had taken his handgun from the center console of his vehicle.

NCSO Sgt. Cortney Morrison said that any time a gun – or any item, such as electronics or a vehicle – is stolen, deputies log the serial number, make and model into the Georgia and national crime information centers (GCIC/NCIC).

“That way, if a law enforcement officer comes across a gun or any suspicious items, we can run the serial number and make sure it’s not stolen,” Morrison said. “If it does come back stolen, that person can be charged with theft by receiving stolen property.”

She said criminals often will steal items, such as guns or vehicles, in attempt to hide their identity when committing a crime.

“The technology is such today that it may take us a little more time, but we will track them down,” Morrison said.

Morrison said a recent example is when five teens in a stolen car led deputies on a chase down Interstate 20 before crashing at Turner Hill Road. They were ultimately tied to a number of burglaries in Newton and Rockdale counties.

“Every one of them is apprehended and every one of them is behind bars,” she said.