NCSS to retire 48 employees

COVINGTON – As the end of the school year approaches, the Newton County School System honored 48 of its employees who are retiring from their academic careers with the school system.

The NCSS Board of Education held the 2014 Retirement Dinner at Newton College & Career Academy on Thursday evening, recognizing the employees who, combined all together, have dedicated 1,109 years of service to NCSS.

“Soon most of you whom we are honoring here tonight will leave your respective schools or offices for maybe the last time — some of you have already begun your retirement,” said NCSS Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey. “With you will go the accumulated memories of many years of service to the Newton County Schools — times filled with work and laughter; memories of friendship, hardships and comfort; and hopefully memories filled with pleasure and pride.”

Fuhrey went on to add, “having earned your retirement, we are delighted that you will finally be getting time for yourself. At the same time, we realize that when you leave, there will occur a very real and significant loss to this school system. You have been a part of what has made our school system the very solid educational institution that it is. We will miss you and are thankful for our time to work together. May God be with you and may you enjoy many happy, healthy years of retirement.”

Veterans Memorial Middle will be saying goodbye to five employees — four teachers and one custodian. Principal James Peek said that he will miss all of them, no matter their position, and will continue to search for their replacements.

“We’ll do interviews and find replacements,” stated Peek. “I don’t take advantage of the fact that I got to be surrounded by not just great people, but also great educators.”

Veterans band director James Little, who has been with the school since 2007, will be entering retirement at the end of the school year. Additionally, language arts and math instructor Caren Reed will be entering retirement. Reed has been with the school since 2002, and worked at Clements Middle before coming to Veterans. Allen Johnson has been with the school since 2001, two years after the school was built. Along with Johnson, custodian Vladimir Varfolomeyev, otherwise known to the students as Mr. V, will be retiring at the end of the school year.