JACK SIMPSON: Hard to fathom the meanness among us

You have seen it, too, haven’t you? Contemptible, petty, just outright mean stuff going on in our everyday world. Oh, it isn’t only here. No, it is everywhere and some of it causes plain moral outrage.

A white supremacist shoots three people at a Jewish Community Center simply because they were Jews and he didn’t like Jews!

Thieves recently went to a church and a hospital rehab center and stole their concrete picnic tables and benches.

An older lady with health problems volunteered to keep the right of way clean on the road in front of her house. The slobs among us didn’t care for her community service. They continued throwing out more trash than she could collect. That guy who drinks those small bottles of vodka is one of her best customers!

A man comes home from work and parks his pickup in his driveway. Sometime during the night a mean-spirited person keyed his vehicle, broke out his rear window, rummaged his glove box and stole his radio.

A young mother and her daughter tried to do something together. They ran the Boston Marathon and it cost them their legs. A couple of sickies had bombs waiting for them at the finish line.

A nice lady invited some “so-called” friends to lunch. After they left her home, she discovered they made off with her medications and some favored jewelry.

A fellow was on Craig’s List when he saw some silver bars offered for sale. He arranged a purchase, paid cash, and then learned what he bought was not silver at all. He tried for a refund. No luck yet.

The other night, my wife answered the phone at supper time. A lady advised she was calling from the U.S. Treasury Department and she had been randomly selected to receive $9,000 tax free money. All we had to do to claim it was pay a handling fee! My spouse asked the female caller with the foreign accent if she thought she had fallen off a turnip truck and hung up the phone!

Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, is a Nigerian terrorist. He is in the business of kidnapping young school girls and selling them off as slaves. He says slaves are permitted in Islam. The world community is outraged and hopefully soon something will be done to cure this meanness.

It is difficult to pick up a newspaper these days and not read about a shooting, knifing or mean vandalism. A local resident recently went out of town on business. Several teenagers wearing hoodies were seen at his residence. When he returned, he found they had broken windows, entered his house, and broke toilets, stained carpets, smashed mirrors, punched holes in the walls and damaged the heating and air units. Why? I guess because this vandalism is included among the other meanness we experience daily in this world we live in. Hearing about all of this, we can only wonder just how civilized we really are!

Jack Simpson is a former educator, a veteran, an author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.