Heavy Machines coming to Covington

COVINGTON — A new business is moving to Covington that will not only bring jobs, but also make an impact on sales tax revenue.

Heavy Machines Inc. will locate its Atlanta headquarters at the old warehouse at 10110 Roberts Way in Covington. The company, which is based in Memphis, Tenn., is a group of equipment dealers throughout the U.S. supplying heavy-duty, special purpose equipment for sale.

Covington-Newton Chamber of Commerce industrial recruiter Dave Bernd said excavators, backhoes, lumber equipment and other heavy machinery that ranges in price from $200,000 to $1 million will be sold from the Covington site.

“As they sell this equipment and also provide maintenance, Newton County will reap the tax benefits,” Bernd said.

Heavy Machines Inc. decided to invest in the old warehouse due to the building’s layout of large overhead doors, which will make it easier for the large equipment to move in and out, Bernd said. The company also plans to invest $255,000 into the building for improvements.

About eight jobs will be offered immediately and 12 total after the business begins to grow.

“Because of the nature of the job, which includes maintenance on such big machinery, the jobs will be high-paying in the $25 per hour range or higher,” Bernd said.

Other company locations include Pooler; Skowhegan, Maine; Bartow, Fla.; Shreveport, La.; and Sorrento, La.