Alleged drug user accused of holding parents hostage

COVINGTON — A man known by authorities to be a habitual drug user has been arrested for allegedly threatening his parents with a knife.

Nathaniel Cain Womack, 29, of 397 Ga. Highway 212, was arrested Sunday after he allegedly would not let his parents leave their house, took away their phones and threatened to kill them, all while being under the influence of drugs, according to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were called to the home Sunday morning after they received a call from the victims who had by that time been able to get away.

“Nathaniel Womack is a known drug user and meth abuser in this county,” said Investigator Jeff Alexander.

At some point over the weekend, Womack cornered his parents and refused to let them leave their bedroom.

“When they tried to call 911, he grabbed both their phones and kept them. He had a knife in his hand and apparently threatened to cut their throats,” Alexander said.

The victims eventually were able to get away from the home and called the Sheriff’s Office, he said.

The responding deputies, including Cpl. Jacob Rice, who is a trained drug recognition expert, spoke to both victims and then tried to speak with Womack as he was standing in the carport. Alexander said Womack attempted to leave and soon began cursing and using foul language toward the deputies. A minor scuffle broke out while the deputies placed handcuffs on the man, he said.

Deputies saw a small amount of marijuana and methamphetamine, along with drug paraphernalia in plain view in the carport, Alexander said.

Womack was charged with terroristic threats and acts, false imprisonment, possession of methamphetamine, hindering making a 911 call, obstructing officers and simple assault.