Couple arrested in suspected shoplifting, cocaine possession

NEWBORN — A couple suspected of stealing some tire cleaner from a dollar store found themselves in jail when one of the suspects allegedly threw a significant amount of cocaine on the ground while he was fleeing from the deputy.

Sometime around 1 p.m. Saturday, Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jacob Rice was patrolling the area of Ga. Highway 142 in Newton when he noticed a white Honda Accord pulling out of the Dollar General parking lot heading toward Jasper County.

Rice noticed the driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, so he pulled the car over in the parking lot of a Chevron gas station.

When he went to speak with the driver, the deputy noticed that her hands were shaking and she would not make eye contact with him. Her passenger, Trenton Gude, “was also acting as if I was not even present while he talked on his cell phone,” Rice stated in the incident report.

He asked them both to step out of the vehicle and asked for their identification. The deputy learned that the driver, Jenny Lynn Clegg, 43, of 158 Little River Trail in Eatonton, was on probation and 29-year-old Gude, who lives at 11621 Post Road in Shady Dale, was on parole.

Rice began to search the vehicle and found a brand new can of Armor All Tire Shine “well hidden” in the bottom of Clegg’s purse. The deputy contacted Dollar General and discovered that the can had been stolen from the store about 15 minutes earlier, the report states.

“At this time, Mr. Gude fled on foot, but was quickly apprehended by Deputy Smith at the corner of Spring Street and Fulton Street,” Rice reported. “During the foot pursuit, Mr. Gude threw out approximately 13 grams of crack cocaine.”

Gude was arrested and charged with obstruction of officers, tampering with evidence, possession of cocaine and possession with intent to distribute. Clegg was also arrested and charged with seatbelt violation and shoplifting.