Choral Guild combines with Salem chorus, Covington ballet for concert

This year, conductor Roger Waters decided to enrich the spring performance of the Covington-Conyers Choral Guild by including a few new performers. In addition to selections sung by the choir, one of the concerts will also showcase the talents of the Salem High School Chorus and the Covington Regional Ballet.

Waters said he called on the talents of the Salem Chorus in order to reach out to a younger generation and hopefully recruit them into the Choral Guild, an 80-plus member non-auditioned choral group in its 29th season.

“We have found in the past that once students graduate from high school, who have been involved in their choral program for four years, there seems to be a disconnect with their ability to sing in the community choir. This is our effort to bridge that gap,” said Waters, Choral Guild director.

Dancers Peter and Ashley Swan, co-directors of the Covington Regional Ballet, will also dance at one of the performances, again another effort to enhance the strength of the arts community, said Waters.

“The reason for the dancers is it’s just kind of an infusion of the arts. If the arts don’t support each other, we’re all going to end up dying. This is our effort to support the Covington Regional Ballet and they are supporting us by performing at our concert,” said Waters.

The Covington-Conyers Choral Guild presents its spring concert, entitled “When I Hear Music,” at 8 p.m. on May 8 at First Baptist Church of Covington, 1139 Usher St. in Covington, and on May 9 at Rockdale Auditorium, 903 Main St. in Conyers. The dancers and the high school chorus will perform at the May 9 performance only because of space constraints, said Waters.

Waters said the Choral Guild will present a “potpourri” of songs, the centerpiece of which is “Te Deum” (translated as, “We praise thee, Oh God”) by John Rutter, a contemporary British composer.

“If With All Your Hearts,” by Felix Mendelssohn; a spiritual entitled, “My God is a Rock,” arranged by Robert Shaw; and the choral arrangement that inspired the name for the concert, “When I Hear Music,” are also set to performed by the Choral Guild.

Also on the program are selections from “The King and I,” including “We Kiss in the Moonlight” and “Getting to Know You,” songs that will include the Covington Regional Ballet dancers.

The Salem High School Chorus will perform three pieces including, “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and “The Word Was God,” for which they will combine with the Choral Guild.

“It’s just going to be a great evening of wonderful entertainment. We certainly hope the community will come out and support us and we would love to see everyone,” said Waters.

Tickets to the performances are $10 and may be purchased at the door or online at www.choralguild.org.