Covington man charged with DUI, laying drags

CONYERS — A man who allegedly tried to avoid arrest by switching seats with a passenger has been charged with DUI and other offenses.

Shane William Seabolt, 23, of 220 Rocky Point Road, Covington, was charged with DUI, open container and laying drags after a traffic stop early Saturday morning on Salem Road.

According to a report by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of a Ford pickup truck stopped at the traffic signal at Salem Road and Wall Street and spun its tires while stopped at the light. When the light changed, the driver continued to spin the tires, causing the truck to fishtail.

After a deputy pulled the truck over in the Ingles parking lot, he found a woman behind the wheel. However, when he began to question her, she reportedly said she “was not going to get in trouble for this and stated that Shane Seabolt, the male in the passenger seat, made her switch seats with him …,” according to the report.

Seabolt agreed to field sobriety testing and reportedly had trouble with the “walk and turn” test and the “one leg stand.”

Seabolt subsequently agreed to a breathalyzer test and registered blood alcohol percentages of .105 and .108, according to the incident report. Georgia’s DUI laws make it illegal for drivers of all ages to operate motor vehicles if their blood alcohol content percentage is .08 or greater.

During a search of the pickup truck, officers found an open bottle of whiskey and a 12-pack of Bud Light with several beers missing.