Conyers hires company to track down unpaid traffic tickets

CONYERS — The city of Conyers has contracted with a private company to collect unpaid tickets from minor traffic offenses.

During its regular meeting Wednesday, the City Council voted unanimously to enter into a contract with Peach State Enforcement Inc. to collect unpaid accounts. The company will receive 20 percent of the total amount of money owed on the warrants or $20, whichever is greater.

The company will track down people with unpaid traffic tickets who were issued failure to appear warrants out of Municipal Court.

According to Police Chief Gene Wilson, Peach State Enforcement is the only company they have found that can provide this service.

City Manager Tony Lucas said the city has worked with Peach State Enforcement for several years on the collection of unpaid property taxes.

He said that the people who Peach State would try to locate are not “hardened criminals,” but are people who got a speeding ticket and may have just forgotten about it. Often, these people live out of state or have moved and don’t realize there is a warrant until they attempt to renew or apply for a drivers license.

“We’re trying to find them ahead of time and then they can handle this all over the Internet and pay their fines out of state,” Lucas said.

According to the company’s business model and collection procedures, Peach State Enforcement will perform a skip-trace search for each account and mail a demand letter for payment to that person’s address. If no response is made in 30 days, the company will contact the person again up to five times.

Once reached, the person with the delinquent account can pay through the company’s website, which will automatically send a receipt of payment to the person so that his name can be removed from law enforcement databases.

The person can also pay by certified funds or directly to the city of Conyers.