Christian friends team up to present revival on the Covington Square

Christian friends team up for Covington Square revival

Messiah Crusade Revival organizers Tom Davis, left, and Edmund Amartey invite the public to their revival event to be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, on the Square in Covington. (Staff Photo: Karen Rohr)

Messiah Crusade Revival organizers Tom Davis, left, and Edmund Amartey invite the public to their revival event to be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, on the Square in Covington. (Staff Photo: Karen Rohr)

Two men from different races, backgrounds and places in the world met each other by what non-believers might call happenstance, but what these two consider to be divine appointment by God. Despite their differences, Tom Davis of Covington and Edmund Amartey, originally from Ghana, West Africa, discovered they shared the same heart for Christ.

That love for Christ has compelled them to present The Messiah Crusade on the Square in downtown Covington this weekend.

Beginning Friday, the three-night revival will be from 6:30 to 8 p.m. each evening and is open to the community.

“This a grassroots revival,” Davis said. “…We don’t want to get any spiritual pride here, but we’re just in awe of what is taking place. It’s just wonderful. We want to see souls saved.”

Davis, who was a coordinator for the local Cry Out America event on the square several years ago, said he and Amartey met on the Internet through their involvement in Cry Out America, which is a national prayer movement focused on praying for a Christian awakening in the U.S.

“Basically, I got an email from him because both of us were on a website that was praying for revival,” Davis said. “He wanted to make contact with someone else who was praying for revival.”

Amartey had never learned to drive, so their first meeting was in a parking lot where Davis began teaching him how to drive a car. The two became fast friends and Christian brothers, and as time went on, they realized God had a specific plan.

“We haven’t gone to the same church or anything together, yet we talk about spiritual matters and the Messiah,” Davis said.

Amartey is the founder and leader of Gospel Faith Revival, an evangelistic and teaching ministry established in Ghana in 1999.

“God gave me a vision for revival,” Amartey said. “Before going into full-time ministry, I was a businessman dealing with general merchandise. I have known the Lord Jesus as the only lord and savior for about 20 years and have found Him faithful and true.”

Amartey has visited the U.S. three times before, but during this most recent visit, he said he believes God has a special purpose for him here.

“The vision for revival was rekindled in my heart during this last visit,” he said. “Revival is the most urgent need of the church in America today, and many individuals and churches are praying for revival all across America. The Lord has laid on my heart to proclaim revival, to call the people to repentance, to stir them up, prepare and pray for revival.”

Amartey has a Twitter account (@Revival4Now) where he shares thoughts on revival and he reaches out to people through “Revival Now!” on Facebook and LinkedIn.

“I used to think of the church in America today as in the Laodicean phase, but the Lord referred me to the church in Sardis as the true state of the church in America,” Amartey said. “Revelation 3:1. It may seem unpalatable to some, but that’s what the Lord says.”

The verse basically indicates that the Sardis church appeared to be alive, but in reality there was nothing but deadness inside.

“The only way out is to come before the lord in humility and acknowledge our sin, weakness and failure before Him and He will show mercy,” Amartey said.

“The Messiah Crusade is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Brother Tom Davis and I share the same burden and vision for revival. We both believe it is time to take the Gospel out to the people outside the church.

“They need to hear it, for it is the power of God to salvation, restoration, healing, deliverance and wholeness. It is also about a call to the body of Christ to repentance and to unite in prayer for revival.

“We are expecting the Lord to do great things. Jesus Christ is still alive, the same, yesterday, today and forever.”

Retired in 2000 from AT&T as a communications technician, Davis is originally from Chicago and followed his job to Covington by way of a couple of years in Grand Rapids, Mich. He became a Christian in 1976 at a non-denominational church in Carol Stream, Ill.

Prior to his conversion, Davis said he was “very much moved” by Hal Lindsey’s book, “The Late Great Planet Earth.” The book serves as a wake-up call regarding events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

Now a member of Prospect United Methodist Church, Davis said he and Amartey are excited about what God is going to do this weekend.

“This crusade is the result of God having me meet Brother Amartey and with both of us having a burden for a true God-led revival in America,” Davis said.

Revival has been on his heart for many years, said Davis, and he has worked to share the message any way he could. He coordinated the local Cry Out America event, which featured several local pastors, including his pastor Rev. Ronny Brannen.

Many years ago he contacted America Bless God, an organization that was started soon after Sept. 11, 2001, after the U.S. was attacked by Islamic terrorists. They sent Davis bumper stickers which state “America Bless God — I Will Honor Those Who Honor Me.”

“It’s still there after all these years,” Davis said. “I even had one on my windshield, I believed in it so much.

As The Messiah Crusade kicks off tonight, Davis and Amartey are in prayer that many people throughout the community will join them in seeking revival for America.

Beth Slaughter Sexton is a freelance writer based in Gwinnett County. Contact her at bethslaughtersexton@gmail.com.