Computer-boom drama to film Conyers on Thursday

CONYERS – The City of Conyers will be the backdrop for the new AMC series “Halt and Catch Fire,” scheduled for a filming session Thursday.

Patrick Ingram, a casting director for Extras Casting Atlanta, stated that HCF filming will take place from 12 p.m. until roughly midnight. Gina Hartsell of the Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council stated that the crew will be filming on North Main Street in Olde Town.

Slated to premiere on June 1, HCF is a period drama set in 1983 when the personal computer boom was just taking off. According to film information database IMDb.com, the series follows a visionary computer engineer and his protégé as they pioneer the technological playing field. As their innovations provoke and defy the corporate bigwigs of their time, their personal and professional relationships are challenged with greed and egotism.

Although some filming will happen in Conyers, the series takes place in Texas’ Silicon Prairie.

“Halt and Catch Fire,” which is named after a detrimental machine code instruction that causes a computer’s CPU to no longer have meaningful use, is a play on words symbolic of the drastic technology changes made during the time period in which the show takes place. The HCF code was originally thought to be a fictitious one in the early days of computer history, and is still considered an undocumented machine instruction with destructive side-effects, according to www.computer-dictionary-online.org.