NCSO: Man, woman kick another driver's car in fit of road rage

COVINGTON — The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a man and woman who allegedly were so frustrated that another driver pulled out in front of them that they got out of their car and began kicking the other vehicle.

The victim reported to deputies that sometime around 9 p.m. Saturday he accidentally pulled out in front of the suspect’s 2010 Mazda 6S. The driver of the Mazda then passed the victim and when he got to the red light at the intersection of Eagle Drive and Ga. Highway 36, he stopped his car and approached the victim’s 2009 Honda Accord.

“The complainant said a white male and white female jumped out of their car and started cursing at the complainant in the presence of his wife and kids and kicked his car, causing dents in his vehicle,” said NCSO Deputy Felicia Jefferson.

The suspects then got back in the car and drove off. The victim was able to provide deputies with a description of the vehicle and a tag number.

Jefferson said the Sheriff’s Office is continuing to search for the driver of the Mazda.