The Recipe Box: Fill your French toast roll-ups with cream cheese, fruit, spreads

French toast roll-ups are good anytime, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Staff Photo: Julie Wells)

French toast roll-ups are good anytime, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (Staff Photo: Julie Wells)

It might be time to change the name of this column from The Recipe Box to The Adventures of Cooking with Julie. I know, it is a long title, but read on to find out why.

Today’s food column about French toast roll-ups could possibly be more about what not to do, than what to do.

I ran across this recipe thinking this would be great to make for my daughter, who turns 2 years old next month. Not the best idea. Yes, give the almost 2-year-old a piece of bread filled with cream cheese and strawberries, covered in cinnamon and sugar. So, when she squeezes it with her hands, the filling falls out and, oh, then there’s the cinnamon and sugar that is stuck to her hands, face and everywhere else.

It’s actually all very funny now that I think back about it.

This recipe requires a few steps, but it has so many different options as to what to fill the roll-ups with that it is sure to be crowd-pleaser.

I chose to go with the traditional cream cheese and strawberry filling for my first attempt.

By the way, let me give you a few tips on that. I would not suggest mixing the cream cheese and strawberries together and then trying to spread that mixture out on this tiny little piece of bread. I found it much easier to spread the cream cheese out first, and then place the diced (into very small pieces) strawberries over the cream cheese and then roll the bread up.

Also, try not to roll the bread up too tight, because it will tear, your filling will fall out and you will have a mess.

One other tip — the fresher the bread, the better off you are.

Here are a few options as far as the filling goes: blueberries, peanut butter, any nut spread, Nutella, banana, a cream cheese and jam or jelly mixture, apples, and Nutella and strawberry mixture.

I think the next time I make it I’m probably going to do a banana and honey mixture. I even saw a suggestion on a website that suggested using marshmallow fluff. That sounds awfully sweet to me, but make these roll-ups your own.

I would add one more suggestion. The first couple of roll-ups I made, I think I let them soak up too much of the egg and milk mixture, so just cover them with the mixture and move on. And if the roll-ups come out more like triangles, instead of rolls, that’s OK. Enjoy!

French toast roll-ups

White sandwich bread

Two eggs

3 tablespoons of milk

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, heaping

1/3 cup of sugar

Cream cheese, softened

Strawberries, diced


French toast roll-ups

Trim the crusts from the bread.

Using a rolling pin, flatten the bread out.

In a bowl, whisk the eggs and milk until well combined.

In another bowl, mix the cinnamon and sugar together, and set it aside.

Using about a teaspoon, spread out the cream cheese and the strawberries about 1 inch from one end of the bread.

Roll the bread up, and repeat until all of the roll-ups are filled.

In a skillet set over medium heat, melt a tablespoon of butter.

Add rolls to the egg mixture, making sure to completely cover the whole roll, seam side down, and, using tongs, cook until golden brown.

Roll the rolls in the cinnamon and sugar mixture until completely covered.

Tip: Top with extra diced strawberries.