JULIE WELLS: Praise Jesus daily with your words and actions

Julie Wells

Julie Wells

“The cry of my heart is to bring You praise, from the inside out.”

The lyrics above can be attributed to the song, “From the Inside Out,” performed by a well-known Christian band, Hillsong United.

Whether you are familiar with the song or not, it doesn’t matter. But if you are a child of Him, then you know exactly what it means. It means that if He lives within our hearts, then our actions, words and our walk reflect that light that it is within us. That light is Jesus.

My favorite line from the song is, “Everlasting Your light will shine, when all else fades.”

No matter how dark our lives seem at times, or how we’ve managed to mess things up, yet again, His light never fades. His light is what shows the way we should go when we are standing at a crossroads. When we think there is nowhere else to go or we don’t even know how to stand on our own two feet, we can just kneel and bask in His warmth and grace.

As His children, we need to constantly die to ourselves. When we do that, we open up our lives and hearts for more of Him. And really, isn’t that what we need with every breath we take? More of Him.

The word “praise” sometimes hangs people up. We don’t just praise Him on Sunday mornings during the praise and worship part of the service. But we praise Him, or we should be praising Him, in every area of our lives.

How you treated the cashier nicely at the grocery line when she seemed to be taking forever and you were in a hurry, that is a way to praise Him. He tells us to love one another, and when we do so, it is honoring Him.

How you turned the other cheek after being slapped in the face by a person you thought was a friend is another way we praise Him. Our actions towards others speak louder than our words at times.

When you choose to read the infallible word of God instead of watching three more episodes of your new favorite TV show on Netflix, that is yet another way we could show praise towards Him.

Jesus has to be the cry of hearts. We have to walk with Him daily in order to even have an inkling of just how much He has in store for us, and how much He truly loves us.

But, oh gracious, no matter the wrong choices, the harsh words or the time we didn’t spend with Him. No matter how dark our days have been or how shaded things seem in our lives right now, everlasting His light will shine.

Now, that’s something to praise Him about.

Julie Wells is the editorial assistant in the newsroom at the Rockdale Citizen. She can be reached at julie.wells@rockdalecitizen.com.