International students to be accepted at Peachtree Academy in 2014-15

COVINGTON — Peachtree Academy will be expanding its horizons in the upcoming school year, accepting international students from across the globe to study and attend through the visa process.

Peachtree Academy is the only private school in the area to admit international students, according to a press release. School officials hope to enroll students from countries such as Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland. This endeavor is also aimed at expanding the perspectives of Peachtree’s current students, giving them a broader understanding of other cultures’ customs and viewpoints.

International students studying at Peachtree Academy will have the opportunity to enrich their English skills, as well as take advantage of a wide range of opportunities including the school’s AP courses, honor classes, athletics, fine arts and extracurricular activities. Students from other countries attending Peachtree Academy will also have a chance to experience two different American cultural backdrops. Being close to the large city of Atlanta, and with Covington having a small town environment and country setting, international students will get to observe both urban and rural American cultures.

“As a school, we felt that the students that would attend Peachtree Academy from countries around the world would be interested in the experience of Southern heritage and hospitality,” said Janice Van Ness, CEO of Peachtree Academy. She went on to add, “students will enjoy a friendly community, many country pleasures and, of course, proximity to one of the world’s most exciting cities.”

Once international students arrive to the U.S., Peachtree Academy will hold an orientation to help them become more acclimated to American culture and school life. Students will be placed with host families, who have been pre-approved through partner agencies with Peachtree Academy, upon arriving to the U.S. Eleventh- and 12th-grade international students will additionally receive college and career advisement through Peachtree Academy counselors.