Newton Medical offers prenatal education classes

COVINGTON — Soon-to-be parents are encouraged to attend Newton Medical Center’s prenatal education sessions starting in July.

Classes will be available for expectant moms as well as the rest of the family through the BirthCare Center. Times and cost of the classes will vary.

“Information is empowering to new parents who are faced with many important decisions and are often scared to death. Childbirth classes will help to build your confidence in your body’s ability to give birth,” lactation counselor Angel Duke said. “It provides a forum where you and your partner can discuss your fears about labor with other couples who share the same concerns.”

New moms are also encouraged to take a tour of Newton Medical’s BirthCare Center before the due date in order to become familiar with the facility and see the variety of services offered.

“Our classes help take the mystery out of what really happens, teach about pain relief options which include relaxation and medications, and provide an opportunity to experience a guided tour of labor and delivery,”Duke said.

The following classes will be offered:

• Prepared childbirth

• Prepared childbirth refresher course

• Breastfeeding

• Infant CPR

• Newborn care class

• Sibling class

For more information on Prenatal Educational Sessions, or to schedule a tour, contact Duke at 770-385-4182.

The Newton Medical BirthCare Center staff is an experienced and compassionate health care team whose only concern is the well-being of their patients. In the event that a newborn is premature or has a critical health condition at birth, the BirthCare Center is equipped with a Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

For more information on the BirthCare Center or Newton Medical Center, call 770-786-7053 or go to newtonmedical.com.