LETTER: Will you help a hungry child?

As a native of Conyers and a business owner, I have been increasingly concerned over the rise in hunger in our community. Through no fault of their own, many children in our community do not have enough to eat. Regardless of politics and assigning no guilt, these are children and they are hungry. Jesus said, “Feed my sheep,” so I was very pleased and excited when my church partnered with Rockdale Emergency Relief in the “Be Bright, Eat Right Rockdale” campaign. This entirely volunteer effort is not a federally funded program. I am pleased to be a part of a hands-on grassroots effort to help care for the needs of children in our community.

Last week, along with my daughter and two of my grandchildren, we helped to pack and check lunches to go out that day. We have also donated foodstuffs to go into the lunches. Each lunch contained a sandwich, a fruit item, a salty snack item and a drink. These lunches went to three areas close to our church, and our effort alone is feeding right at 200 children a day.

Two other organizations are also a part of this initiative: BOLD Ministries and Rockdale County Public Schools. These organizations, along with Rockdale Emergency Relief, are working together so different parts of the county are being served without duplication. These other programs are different from Rockdale Emergency Relief in several ways, but the aim of the “Be Bright, Eat Right Rockdale” campaign is the same for all three organizations: to feed hungry children. None of these groups can fill this urgent need alone.

If you are able and would like to feed a hungry child right here in Rockdale County, please contact RER about the program. Go to summerlunch@rockdalerelief.org. This organization brings new and innovative programs to our community to help those in need as well as this initiative against hunger. Won’t you consider making a contribution?

Julia G.B. Mauran