Company reports fake checks made from stolen check

COVINGTON — A local business has reported that someone stole a company check and used it to reproduce fake checks.

On Friday, Covington Police Department Officer Matt Henning was called to Pavement Technology Inc. on Industrial Drive where he spoke with an executive with the company who said he believed a company check had been stolen and that someone has attempted to cash more than 20 fraudulent checks that were copied from the one stolen.

“The complainant believes it was a check that was mailed to (another company) on June 9,” the incident report states. “The complainant stated the check format of the check to (that company) is seen in the duplicated checks.”

The Pavement Technology employee said that five checks that are copies of the one stolen have cleared the bank since June 11. The next day, the company closed the account and reported the fraudulent checks to its bank.

“Since June 11, approximately 24 checks have been attempted to be cashed in the closed account,” the police reported.

Also on Friday, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man when he allegedly tried to purchase items at Walmart with a fake check.

According to the incident report filed by Deputy Adriane Roop, Ricky Lamar Heath, 46, attempted to pass a fictitious check with a fake identification card.

“I did make contact with the male, who was found to be in possession of two different identification cards,” the deputy reported.

Investigator Jeff Alexander said it appears that Heath had been printing checks, getting fake IDs and writing checks for merchandise. He said store employees recognized Heath as having attempted to do this in the past.

Heath, of 1586 Lincoln Ave. S.E. in Atlanta, was arrested and is facing charges of first degree forgery, possession of false identification, and printing, executing or negotiating checks knowing the information is fictitious.