Local golfer rising in AJG series

Eastside rising freshman Landon Farill continues to improve his game while playing in the Atlanta Junior Golf summer series. (Submitted photo)

Eastside rising freshman Landon Farill continues to improve his game while playing in the Atlanta Junior Golf summer series. (Submitted photo)

COVINGTON — Landon Farill is making some noise in the Atlanta Junior Golf summer series as he is currently in fourth place in the 2014 18-Hole Open Boys 13-14 point standings having played in five tournaments.

Farill, 14, has earned 69 points so far. His best finishes this season were a pair of third place in Canongate at Georgia National Golf Club and at The Creek at Hard Labor.

The Eastside rising freshman will play in a again on Monday at Cherokee Run before taking some time off to on a family vacation including a visit with his grandparents.

“I usually play in six tournaments. But I don’t get to play for two or three weeks so that puts me back a lot. I have one coming up Monday at Cherokee Run,” Farill said. “I’ll probably play in maybe one or two more when I get back.”

Farill, who claims Ashton Hills Course as his home course, started playing golf with his grandfather when he was 4-years old. What started out as a fun way to spend quality moments with his grandfather has grown into a passion. Playing competitive golf gives him the opportunity to work on his gamesmanship.

“I like trying to outsmart the other players, trying to see if I can hit better shots and relating to them about golf,” he said. “There is a lot of good competition out there. I’d say I’m in the in the middle group. I’m getting better. I started off the season with a 92 and have gotten it down to an 83.”

As long as Farill continues to keep his scores low and finishing high he will be eligible to get an invitation to play in the final tournament of the year at Chateau Elan Golf Club for the three-day tournament starting on July 23.

Farill was part of the Eastside golf junior varsity team last year but he hopes that he will be able to come in this year and make an impact on the varsity team. He wants to be able to continue to grow in the game to the point where he can get a college scholarship and maybe even play professionally. But even if he doesn’t make it to the PGA, he wants to have a career dealing with the game he loves.

While a lot of people just wish for things to fall into place, Farill knows he has to take control to make his dreams and wishes come true.

“If you want to get into golf and you want to play good, you have to practice as hard as you can. My seventh-grade year, which was last year, I didn’t do so well, I think it was because I didn’t practice. But so far I’ve practiced with Eastside and I’ve practiced almost everyday of the week before a tournament and I’ve played two tournaments in a row. I think that helped me significantly,” Farill said. “Practicing and playing with others your age helps you the most because you actually see the competition and you can see how good you can play under pressure. If you good enough while practicing I would definitely play like junior PGA or Atlanta Junior Golf or some other associations out there.”