Tigers solving issues before they become problems

COVINGTON — Alcovy’s football is hoping to give some of their younger players some experience during their summer workouts.

Beside doing the traditional weight training, the Tigers are also spending a lot of time on the passing league.

“We’re doing a lot of 7-on-7 this year, probably more than I’ve done in the past,” Alcovy head football coach Kirk Hoffman said. “We’re going to be so young that we felt we needed to use the summer to make sure we got the kids right position so when fall gets here we’ll be a little bit farther along being so young and having to find so many new starters.”

Another aspect of the summer workout is that players that may have been lost in the mix last year are now stepping up making themselves known. A few of those players that are showing what an asset they can become for the team include Jared Mobley, Josh Smith and Chris Debois.

“Its been interesting,” Hoffman said. “We’re starting to see some kids step up that we felt we needed to count on then of course we found some kids that we’ve had great surprise with that we feel can come in and help us.”

One player that continues to astound the coaches with what he can do on the field is D’Anthony Bell who last season turned into a true threat as a Tigers playmaker. Listed at 6-foot-2 inches and 190 pounds, Bell continues to draw the interest of several colleges.

“He’s one of the leaders coming back and we knew that. He’s had a great summer for us and we’ve been real pleased with him,” Hoffman said. “He’s just a pure athlete on the field. Last year he made things happen on the field. He’s going to be one of those that has not only drawn a lot of interest he’s going to draw more just because of his athletic ability and his size.”

Bell is active with the Alcovy passing league where he working hard to become a threat as a receiver where he will probably line up as the Tigers. He will probably see a lot of play during the fall at slot or as a wide receiver. He will most likely also show up on the defense at the free safety position.

“He’ll probably be deep on most return kicks because he’s that kind of an athlete. He can make you miss,” Hoffman said.

The Tigers staff is also doing a lot to to help the players deal with the summer heat by starting as many events as they can after 7 p.m. when the heat is not as much a factor. While the coaches are on top of the situation, Hoffman is also impressed that the players are taking the intuitive in taking care of one another.

“Last Wednesday and Thursday we did a two-day passing league over at Locust Grove that started at 12 and until 4 so we were right in the middle of it. The kids did a great job of keeping themselves hydrated and they battled through the heat,” he said. “So far we haven’t had any problems but a lot of that is because of some of the things that we’re doing in making sure we keep fluids in them.”

While the 7-on-7 league is important, strength training continues to be their emphasis until July when they start working on special teams.

“We’re not going to slack off in the weight room at all,” Hoffman said. “Then in July we’ll start to look at special team personnel and start working especially on who is going to be our punter and the kicker.”