NCSO: Man passed out at wrong house

COVINGTON — Friday the 13th was indeed a bad day for two Newton County residents who found themselves arrested on drug charges.

Sometime around 8:30 a.m. a resident who said there was a suspicious car parked in his driveway called a Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy to a home on Ga. Highway 20.

The complainant saw there was a man sleeping inside the silver Lincoln Town Car. When he knocked on the window, the man did not respond, according to the incident report.

So when Deputy Dustin Riccardi arrived, he too attempted to awaken the man, but it took some effort.

“The deputy was knocking on the window, hollering, honking the horn on the patrol car and even turning on the siren and the suspect still didn’t wake up,” said Sgt. Cortney Morrison.

Eventually the man roused from his sleep and told the deputy that he had gotten sleepy so he pulled over into what he thought was his aunt’s driveway to rest, Morrison said.

The suspect, identified as John Barry Little, 26, reportedly gave the deputy consent to search his vehicle.

Deputy Riccardi saw a little bag on the front seat and a glass pipe and prescription pill bottle in plain view, Morrison said.

He found a tobacco pouch that contained a sandwich bag with suspected marijuana. Two more plastic bags were found inside the pill bottle that contained suspected crystal methamphetamine and Xanax pills.

Little, of 220 Melton Way, was arrested and charged with five counts of violating the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. His aunt came to get his car, Morrison said.

Later that evening around 9 p.m., another Newton County man was arrested on drug possession charges when his date apparently failed to show.

Deputy Robert Lowry stopped Jerry Keith Yarbrough’s Chevrolet S10 pickup truck near the intersection of Newton Factory Bridge and McDonald Road after he noticed the truck had a broken taillight.

Yarbrough told the deputy that he was going to Factory Shoals to meet a friend but she was not there, so he left, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The deputy asked Yarborough to step out of the car when he noticed that he was acting nervously, fidgeting and repeatedly moving his hands from his steering wheel to his lap.

When Yarborough did not give consent for the deputy to search his car, Lowry called for a K9 to conduct a free air search. The K9 alerted on the car, giving the deputy probable cause to search.

He found a small black bag by the driver’s side floorboard that contained a pipe and a small silver metal container that held two small plastic bags containing a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, said Sgt. Morrison.

In addition to the drug paraphernalia, the deputy found a video camera, condoms and other items inside the truck.