Rockdale and Newton citizens have chance to take part in fun online summer camp

CONYERS — Rockdale and Newton students are out of school for the summer, but an online summer camp can keep their minds fresh until the new school year begins.

Camp Wonderopolis, a free online camp open to students of all ages, begins Monday and will allow students to explore subjects that spark their interest and curiosity. Parents and students can register at any time, since there is no cost.

According to its website, Wonderopolis’ content has been developed to improve reading comprehension of informational text, improve vocabulary and literacy skills and delve into different scientific areas. Although students will be learning, they might not know it, as the camp appears more as a computer game than an online course.

“Camp Wonderopolis enables families to customize their experience along different tracks of science – building vocab, background knowledge and literacy skills along the way,” said Luisa Montes, senior account executive of SHIFT Communications. “Best of all, it’s designed as a game.”

Scientific areas covered in the camp include geology, chemistry, astronomy, biology, zoology and physics. Studying these subjects, students will have the opportunity to discover how 3D graphics work, why hair grows, how a voice can cause glass to break and why giraffes have such long necks.

Recognized and applauded by TIME magazine, parenting.com and USA Today, Wonderopolis has been receiving national attention for content that aligns with Common Core state standards since its inception in October 2010.

With the camp ending on July 27, Rockdale students will have the option to end the camp just one day before school begins on July 28, while Newton students would be able to take a four-day break prior to school beginning on Aug. 1.