Property owner reports six 'For sale' signs stolen

COVINGTON — A Mansfield landowner has reported that he has had a number of yard signs stolen out of lots on Mattie Court over the past several months.

Ron Dylong, who is originally from Newton County and now resides in Texas, reported to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office on Friday that two “For Sale” signs had been stolen off lots he owns in the development.

“Complainant stated over the past nine months, a total of six signs have been stolen, costing $300, as each sign is worth $50,” the incident report states.

Dylong, who owns the lots in the small subdivision off Hodges Circle, said he purchased two of the remaining three undeveloped lots some time ago.

“I was going to build in there, but decided instead to try to sell the lots,” Dylong said Monday. “After the third time my signs were stolen, though, I decided to report it.”

He said that the first signs he put on the properties were rather high-end, grounded in concrete.

“Someone had to go through the trouble of digging up the posts and moving them,” said Dylong, adding he has no idea who is responsible for the thefts.

In other news, NCSO investigators continue to look into a rash of mailboxes destroyed with bottle bombs, also known as “Drano bombs.”

Deputies were called to a home on Heritage Way on Wednesday after the homeowner reported that her mailbox had been destroyed.

The victim told deputies that she and her husband were watching television the night before when around 11 p.m. they heard a loud booming sound coming from outside.

The next morning, when her husband was leaving to go to work, he noticed the mailbox had been destroyed with what appeared to be a homemade explosive.

The week before, the NCSO and Covington Police Department responded to reports of similar activity.

Three homeowners in the area of Park Place and Hunters Crossing discovered that their mailboxes had been damaged in a similar way.

“All three had damage done by some sort of liquid in a bottle that when mixed together exploded and exploded the mailbox,” NCSO Sgt. Cortney Morrison said at the time of the reports.

A mailbox at a home on Tara Drive in the city of Covington was also reportedly destroyed by a homemade explosive.

During that same time frame, a deputy responded to a home on Lazy Hollow Lane when a resident reported hearing what he thought to be gunfire.

“When the deputy arrived, the complainant showed him a pile of aluminum foil and a Coke bottle at (a home on) Lazy Hollow Lane and stated that he had watched two kids run from that area to another home nearby,” Morrison said.

The deputy tracked down the two 15-year-old males who admitted to making the Drano bombs, which are made with bathroom cleaner, aluminum foil and water. The chemical reaction causes an explosion that sounds like gunfire.