NCSO collecting out-of-date prescription drugs

COVINGTON — The Newton County Sheriff’s Office wants to help reduce prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse by offering a way to dispose of household pills that are out of date or no longer needed.

Prescription drug abuse among all age groups is currently being reported by law enforcement agencies across the state and country as a real and growing danger.

The NCSO installed a large white box, located at 15151 Alcovy Road, for citizens to properly dispose of leftover prescriptions. It will be available to the public 24 hours a day and seven days a week in the detention lobby.

The goals of this program are to keep these drugs out of the hands of children and teens, off the street, prevent overdoses and accidental poisonings and avoid environmental contamination by not throwing drugs in the toilet, sink or trash.

“It is extremely important for the community to get involved because we all have the same goal to keep it out the hands of teens and adults who are likely to abuse it,” Sgt. Cortney Morrison said. “This is just another tool that the NCSO is utilizing to make the community a safer, cleaner place. We have already received a great response and collected large quantities of drugs, some of which have been in medicine cabinets for years.”

Items that can be placed in these secure drug drop boxes include expired and unused prescription (non-narcotics and narcotics), OTC drugs, medication samples, medicated ointment/lotion, drops, inhalers, unopened EpiPens, herbals and veterinary medications. Items that should not be placed in the boxes include needles or sharps, biohazard materials and illegal drugs.

“The citizens now have a safe and secure alternative to get rid of those drugs,” Morrison said. “We encourage the community to continue to participate and regularly check their medicine cabinets for out-of-date and/or unused drugs.”

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office constantly strives to be proactive in enhancing public safety and saving lives in the county. For more information on “Operation Drug Drop Off” please contact Sgt. Cortney Morrison at 678-625-1405 or cmorrison@newtonsheriffga.org. For more information on preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse, go to www.stoprxabuseinga.org or email John Bringuel at jbringuel@livedrugfree.org.