Covington man publishes children's book on values

Charles King displays the children’s book he recently published, entitled, “Chas Shares Values.” (Special Photo)

Charles King displays the children’s book he recently published, entitled, “Chas Shares Values.” (Special Photo)

For the past 12 years, the idea for a book instructing children on how to make the right choices in life has taken shape in Charles King’s mind. Finally, his efforts to convey his words of wisdom have come to fruition.

King recently published, “Chas Shares Values,” an outline of 10 personal values he views as central to a child’s emotional development.

A character named Chas, with a smiling face and happy eyes, and comprised of lots of colors, introduces the values page by page. Each value has a color. Values include: motivation, cooperation, respect, wellness, honesty, leadership, decision making, positive attitude, responsibility and communication.

For each value, a list of examples of how to exhibit that value are provided. For example, respect requires “speaking, listening and acting in a courteous and polite way; following the rules at home, in school and in the community; and being honest, caring and fair,” according to the book. Successful communication requires, “using good language and a positive tone; using positive body language; writing clearly and giving other time to express their feelings,” the book states.

The book, designed for children ages 4 to 12, also includes colorful illustrations by Scott Menzel.

King said as one of six children growing up in a small town in Louisiana, he learned good values, especially that of responsibility. He said an erosion of values in the community prompted him to write the book.

“I wanted to share the values and how I see those values slipping out of our society and it’s a real issue I think,” said King, who moved to Covington three years ago after spending two decades in Wisconsin where he worked as an entrepreneur, served as president of the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors Club and a committee member on the Chamber’s Partners in Education.

A Vietnam War veteran and married father of three adult children, King said in his book that values are the building blocks that shape a child’s attitude, beliefs and actions, and guide the child as he relates to others.

In the dedication of his book, King explains the thrust of why values are so important.

“The health of your school, family and friends depends on your values,” he writes.

To learn more or to purchase a copy of the book, visit www.chaschoices.com or www.amazon.com.