Rep. Holt endorses Belton for District 112 seat

Rep. Doug Holt announced his endorsement of Morgan County native Dave Belton for the State House District 112 seat. (Special photo)

Rep. Doug Holt announced his endorsement of Morgan County native Dave Belton for the State House District 112 seat. (Special photo)

COVINGTON — With a July runoff set for the State House District 112 seat between Republican candidates Dave Belton and Aaron Brooks, Rep. Doug Holt, R-Social Circle, who has served in the seat for 10 years, is throwing his support behind Belton.

Holt announced his endorsement of Belton Tuesday after several people asked who he believed would do the best job.

“I believe it is time for me to state openly and publicly that ‘Dave Belton is that person,’” Holt said in a press release. “Over the last 10 years, I have come to know Dave very well on both a personal and professional level. His commitment to our country and to public service is without equal.”

Holt said Belton’s military career includes 23 years of service as a pilot in the Navy and Air Force, involving countless missions flown during the Persian Gulf War and in four other conflicts around the world.

“Just weeks ago, he donated his time once again as a volunteer pilot to bring more than 100 of our service men and women from Kyrgyzstan back home. As always, he responded to the call of service,” Holt said. “It is this call to service that I believe has led him to run for the House District 112 seat.”

Belton said in an interview Tuesday that he’s been friends with Holt for many years and is thankful to be supported by such a humble and honest man.

“I’m ecstatic to get his support. He’s incredibly well liked as an honest and upright guy. He’s done a great job serving both Newton and Morgan counties,” Belton said. “I’m very humbled to have his support. I’m working very hard and I think I’m the most qualified candidate to do the work.”

Holt said he’s discussed important issues facing the district and state with Belton and developed a respect for his opinions.

“From those discussions, and from the respect I have developed for him over that period of time, I am unequivocal in my belief he will be a thoughtful and dedicated policymaker, and one who will be responsive to the people of this district,” Holt said.

“Dave offers the people of this district a public servant who is a strong, dependable conservative, and who will make important policy decisions for our district and our state based on the highest principles and convictions. He is a true Republican, in the very best sense,” He continued. “These are the qualities I hope I have delivered in my service, and because I’ve consistently seen these qualities in Dave, I extend him my full endorsement.”

Holt reminded citizens that early voting begins June 30 and the polls will be open on election day, July 22.

“While I have previously made no public statements favoring a candidate in this contest, I believe the importance of the primary runoff to the people of this district, whom I have been honored to serve for 10 years, compels me to do so now,” Holt said. “In short, if you have been pleased with my service as a legislator, then I respectfully appeal to you to vote for Dave Belton as your next representative. My wife, Julie, and I will be actively involved in his campaign, and look forward to working towards his election on July 22.”