CPD: Woman falsley claims she was held against her will

COVINGTON — A Covington woman who claimed she was being held against her will during a traffic stop was arrested after police learned that she and the driver had allegedly been spending time together while her husband was deployed with the military.

Just after midnight Monday, Covington Police Department Officer Kevin Fuller pulled over a maroon SUV on Emory Street that had been seen weaving all over the roadway in the area of Turner Lake Road and U.S. Highway 278.

Fuller approached the driver and asked for his drivers license. The man told him he did not have his license, but told the officer his name was Kyle Smith, the incident report states.

When the officer could not locate his information through dispatch, he again asked his name and the suspect repeated that his name was Kyle Smith.

Fuller then spoke with the passenger, identified as Stephanie Bowen. She too said that the driver’s name was Kyle Smith and the two of them had been dating for about six months and were planning to go out of town together, the officer reported.

In the meantime, another officer arrived and began speaking further with the driver to determine his true identity while Fuller continued to speak with Bowen.

“She started to whisper and said, ‘I don’t want him to hear me, but I don’t want to be here. He’s holding me against my will,’” Fuller stated. “I then asked her how all of her clothes were packed and placed into the back of the vehicle. She stated that he told her if she didn’t go with him, he would hurt her husband and kids.”

The officer then asked her to step to his patrol car so he could verify her story.

Fuller then looked int the side pocket of the driver’s side door and found a check stub with the name Paul Keavy.

“I then went and asked Bowen if this was the male and she stated yes but she didn’t want to tell us,” the officer reported. “Officers then confronted Keavy with this information and he admitted this was his name.”

Fuller discovered that Keavy, 24, of 2955 Ga. Highway 20, had active warrants out of Rockdale and Walton counties and that his license was suspended.

“I then made contact with Bowen’s husband and he stated that while he was deployed, his wife started running around with Keavy and that she willingly goes with him on a regular basis,” the report states.

Bowen, 29, of 370 Morris Drive, was arrested and charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers. Keavy was arrested and charged with giving false name to officers, obstruction and driving with a suspended license.