Newton schools perform similar to state average on EOCT

COVINGTON — Reflecting statewide End of Course Tests scores, Newton County schools performed well on literature and social studies areas, but struggled with the math portions.

The Georgia Department of Education released EOCT scores for individual schools on Wednesday.

The EOCT is a statewide standardized test that counts for 20 percent of high school students’ final grades. It replaced the Georgia High School Graduation Tests in 2011 and itself will be replaced in the coming school year with the Georgia Milestones assessment. Georgia Milestones will test students on the same content areas as the EOCT, except for math II and general geometry.

On U.S. history, all three Newton high schools scored higher than the state average of 73 percent meeting the standards. Eastside High was the highest-scoring school with 85.7 percent of students meeting standards, while Alcovy had the lowest percentage to meet the standards at 78.6. These U.S. history scores are improvements from last year’s when Eastside had 85 percent meets standards and Alcovy had 70 percent do so. Newton High had 81.1 percent of students meet U.S. history standards this year, while 82 percent did so last year.

Another strong area for Newton schools proved to be American literature. Like U.S. history, Eastside had the highest-scoring percentage of students who met the EOCT standards, with 95.9 percent. The percentage of students who met the standards at Newton High was 93, and 93.7 percent of Alcovy High School students met the standards.

The state average for students meeting the American literature standard was 93 percent.

While Newton County students had a strong showing with literature and history standards, math was an area where many struggled locally and statewide.

On average, only 40 percent of students in Georgia were able to meet the coordinate algebra standards. In Newton County, 42.9 percent of Eastside students met the standards — the highest in the county. At Alcovy, 28.5 percent of students were able to meet these standards.

Nearly 80 percent of Newton High School students failed to meet the standards, with only 21.5 percent of students who met them.

While low, the scores mark significant improvements from last year when just 29 percent of Eastside students met the standards, and only 14 percent of NHS students were able to, while 19 percent of Alcovy students did so.

Analytic geometry was another area that proved difficult for the Newton County School System. Eastside was again the highest-scoring Newton school with 47.8 percent of students meeting standards, while NHS was the lowest-scoring Newton school with 24.5 percent meeting standards. Alcovy had 25.6 percent of students meet these standards.

NCSS scores track with the statewide data, which showed that 35 percent of high school students in Georgia met the analytic geometry standards.

“I am delighted to see that our high schools have continued the trend of increasing student achievement. I am proud of our high school students, teachers, staff and leaders for their targeted work,” said NCSS Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey. “It’s important to note that we are not satisfied with our results; our focused work will continue to pay dividends as we prepare our students not only for Georgia’s new Milestones Assessment System, but to have choices beyond high school.”