Mandatory residential trash pickup too costly

For the entire year 2013 my total cost for trash disposal was $18 — not for a month! For 2014, Jan. 1 through June 30, my cost was $8. This was accomplished by our family recycling everything possible: newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, plastic milk jugs, tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic grocery bags, etc. Our “trash” is brought to the Sigman Road facility every two and a half to three weeks.

I am opposed to a mandatory residential trash pickup which would cost $150 to $250 a year for something that costs me less than $20 a year. As a senior citizen I don’t have money to burn.

Mandatory residential trash pickup would not prevent the mental midgets and morons from continuing to dump trash and litter.

A single-source provider has several obvious negatives, including loss of leverage in price and cost negotiations without alternative sources.

Has a large trash hauler approached the county with financial incentives to adopt a mandatory program — with them being designated as the single-source provider?

The community of Peachtree Corners has a mandatory residential trash pickup program. An “opt out” provision exists. We are entitled to the same courtesy as taxpayers!

Martin Nash