Police encounter 'memory problems' in drug-related arrests

COVINGTON — It would seem that one of the side effects of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol is an inability to recall basic information, based on some of the arrests made this weekend by the Covington Police Department.

• Can’t Get Right

On Friday evening, just before 10 p.m., CPD Officer Demetri Myers noticed a red Saturn Vue parked at a stop sign near Ivy and Lee streets with a woman slouched down in the driver’s seat. He saw a black male leave the area and walk toward Lunsford Circle.

The officer circled the block and saw the car was still turned off, sitting at the stop sign. When Myers asked her why she was improperly parked there, the driver, Michele Hutnick, said she was waiting for her friend to come back.

“I then asked Ms. Hutnick who her ‘friend’ was and she stated that she did not know his name,” Myers stated in the incident report. “I again asked Ms. Hutnick what her friend’s name was and she stated that she knew him only as ‘Can’t Get Right’ and he went to another friend’s house for an unknown reason.”

Hutnick told the officer that she and “Can’t Get Right” had gone to the store to purchase beer “which she thinks he left in her vehicle,” the report states.

Myers asked Hutnick why she didn’t drive “Can’t Get Right” to the friend’s house.

“She shrugged her shoulders and replied she didn’t know,” Myers reported. “At this time I asked if there was anything in her vehicle or on her person that I should know about. Ms. Hutnick again shrugged her shoulders.”

Hutnick later admitted she had a glass pipe used for smoking crack in the front of her pants. A female officer was called to retrieve the pipe and Hutnick, 49, of Orchard Drive, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.

• Address unknown

A CPD officer pulled over a suspected drunk driver Friday around 10:30 p.m. in a parking lot on Industrial Boulevard. When the officer approached the car, he reported detecting the odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle and noticed an unopened beer can. He asked the driver, 62-year-old Ralph Edward Binion, for his drivers license.

“Binion was shuffling through his wallet, front to back, several times, continuously overlooking his license,” the incident report states.

The driver at first said that he had not had anything to drink but that he was diabetic and his blood sugar was a little high.

Binion later said he had had a beer around 5 p.m., but “throughout the entire encounter, Binion’s speech was slurred,” the report states.

“Officer Stott asked Binion where he was going and he stated that he was going to his girlfriend’s house but could not tell Officer Stott where his girlfriend’s house was initially,” the officer reported.

Eventually, he said he knew she lived in Covington but did not know the street.

Binion, who registered a .261 on the Intoxilyzer, was cited for DUI and failure to maintain lane.

• Can’t remember his own name

CPD Officer Loyd Satterfield was patrolling in the area of Washington Street Friday just before 11 p.m. when he saw a man riding a bicycle cross the street in an unsafe manner, almost getting hit by a vehicle.

The officer began to follow the bicyclist, who began to accelerate when he noticed the patrol car behind him, according to the report.

The bicyclist abruptly stopped at a home on Thelma Street and attempted to run inside the house. The officer noticed a bag containing suspected cocaine on the ground near the bike’s handlebars.

The officer placed the man under arrest and asked his name. The suspect gave a birth date and said his name was Marques Jeff; however, dispatch advised there was nothing on file for that name. When asked a second time, the man said, “”Oh, that is my stepmother’s last name but my real last name is Jackson,’” the incident report states.

This time, he told the officer his name was Marques Jackson, but again this did not return as a valid name and birth date.

“Jackson finally gave me his full name, Fajerrell Marquez Jackson,” the officer reported. “The 911 dispatcher advised me that Jackson has active warrants out of Rockdale, Gwinnett and Newton counties.”

Jackson, 24, who resides on Lackey Street, was charged with possession of crack cocaine and giving a false name to law enforcement officer.