LETTER: Work together for a land use plan

I have been honored to serve as mayor of Newborn over the last four months, and I was blessed to know our former Mayor Roger Sheridan. Roger was an Army captain in the Battle of The Bulge, sustaining a fractured spine while defending the American lines. Roger continued to lead his men on to victory.

Mayor Sheridan would be leading the charge for the 2050 Plan. As an Army engineer who served around the world, he knew how to build and plan for development.

Mayor Sheridan was involved with the 2050 Plan meetings in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He was disappointed in the low turnout of citizens to discuss the plan’s development. Where were these elected officials like Mayor Sheridan? At open public meetings with poor public attendance! I was at the Mansfield meeting, where many legitimate questions were asked and answered. The common theme I heard is: “Let’s protect our way of life and improve our children’s future.” That is a legitimate goal that cannot be achieved without a land use plan. Let us shake hands, and come up with a future 2050 growth plan that fits our community. East and west, north and south.

I salute you, Mayor Sheridan.

Mayor Gregg Ellwanger